Best places in LA/SoCal for Christmas/holiday cookies, pastries, cakes, and caffeinated or alcoholic drinks?

I’m hoping to find top-notch renditions of the following holiday treats. FWIW I’d be happy to go out of my way for a place that is truly special:

  1. Pfeffernüsse (German spiced cookies)

Trader Joe’s used to carry these during the holidays, but no longer.

  1. Stollen (German fruit bread)

This is available at Trader Joe’s and Berolina, but I’m wondering if there are any other spots which might carry this item.

  1. Melomakarona (Greek semolina and honey cookies)

I’ve only seen these at Papa Cristo’s, but they were a prepackaged version made off-site. I’m hoping to find a Greek bakery that makes a better version in-house.

  1. Gingerbread and other Christmas cookies

I’m aware that these are pretty widely available, but I’m wondering if there are any bakeries that are especially notable.

  1. German or Scandinavian mulled wine (Glühwein/Glögg)

I realize that these are available by the bottle at some liquor stores, but are there any places which serve them warm and by the cup for immediate consumption?

  1. Holiday-themed caffeinated drinks
    For example, gingerbread latte, eggnog latte, or peppermint latte.

  2. Holiday-themed cocktails
    For example, spiked eggnog or Hot Toddy.

Thanks in advance!

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I haven’t tasted it so I cant speak to how good it is but Eszett is currently serving Glühwein. Just about everything I have eaten there is delicious so I would imagine this is no exception.


République is known to carry this during the holidays. The one they serve is a family recipe from Chef Manzke. It’s also a recipe in the baking cookbook.

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Schreiner’s in Glendale/Sparr Heights has a good assortment of pfeffernusse/other German snacks. Also a top tier ham sandwich. And German tabloids.


Alpine Village Bakery has a variety of stollen and lists pfeffernusse and gingerbread under their cookies. I like to take a trip there before the holidays - better jump on it I guess!


Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!