Best QPR for Sashimi?

Preferably within 30 minutes of k-town. Under $50 pp if possible. Convenient parking is also a fairly big plus.

Basically I want to be able to stuff my face with average (or slightly better) quality fish without resorting to a chirashi bowl; they typically have only a few ounces of fish and most of the calories come from the rice. If there’s a chirashi bowl that bucks this trend I’m ok with that too.

LA Hwaluh. Korean-style sashimi in K-town.

Thanks - looking primarily for japanese options, but I’ll definitely take a look. I do like halibut.

High QPR is hard to find in this sector. Expect to pay up for decent knifework and decent fish.

I’m aware - and I’m prepared to sacrifice my other preferences. i.e. what’s the best regardless of location, best regardless of price, etc? Obviously nothing is perfect. Just want to know what I should have on my list when I get the urge.

High quality chirashi bowls with top end fish at Tsujita and Kasen in OC. Neither of them meet your distance requirements obviously.

Maybe Sushi Gen?

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Sushi Ichi in Pasadena.

Take a look at @J_L’s fantastic review of the place, and if you run a sieve through some of the discussion about booze and what-not, you should be able to get a sense whether the price point of Ichi fits your definition of QPR.