Best restaurant for Birthday in LA

Wow! I was intrigued until I saw 1200 per person. Holy
Moly I’m not that much of a baller unfortunately… but someone please report back after you go LOL

I’m so glad I found this foodie haven! Can’t wait to try all of the recommendations. So funny. Like that South Park episode where they make fun of Yelp? I’m an elite but I’m not loving it there. It’s where I used to go to find the good food!

Thanks! Vetri cucina looks amazing. No set menu or tasting menu right? Hmm thoughts on Carbone vs Vetri??

Recs for restaurants in Napa? We wanted to go to restoration hardware for dinner bc the ambiance looks amazing! But I don’t know if they like to accommodate big parties (we have 6-10 ppl). They weren’t too happy about it and said their space was “intimate”.

Also thinking of Bouchon. Any other thoughts for decent places to celebrate/have dinner. Doesn’t have to be fancy but good food and fun? Good drinks?

We will actually be staying in Santa Rosa so any restaurants close to here too are okay… nothing more than an hour drive though please!

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If you’re staying in Santa Rosa you probably want recommendations in Sonoma Valley, not Napa Valley.


I have not been to the Vegas branch of Vetri, but the original location in Philadelphia is one of my favorites (the foie gras pastrami is amazing). In Philadelphia, it is a four course menu (with choices) for $165 but Vegas looks to be a la carte. I have eaten at Carbone in Vegas and it is excellent; however, if the Vegas Vetri is as good as the home office, that would be my choice. The view from Vetri Vegas is also supposed to be spectacular, at least if you are there before dark,


For Sonoma County, Cyrus - Geyserville, the Matheson - Healdsburg, or Single Thread - Healdsburg.


I’ve celebrated my birthday at several of the places on @PorkyBelly 's list and didn’t feel deprived . . .


I agree, porky’s list is good. I really liked Gjelina. What an amazing restaurant that highlights CA produce. I will say that as much as I liked Hayato, I would not recommend it to 99% of the people I know. If you don’t like subtle kaiseki cooking, I feel like it will just be lost on you.


Totally agree. Gjelina is and always has been the crown jewel of California cuisine in LA.

True on Hayato also. I wouldn’t take my parents there.


Do you thing Manzke is better option in this case? I like Japanese and my husband does too. But our friends don’t eat much of it

whoops didn’t mean to delete my post.

Re: Manzke - Sure, why not? It’s one of unverified Max’ favorite places.

are you talking about gjelina? unverified max didn’t really like manzke

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Reports on Manzke here have seemed to me too hit-and-miss for the price.

Personally I wouldn’t do that sort of Thomas Keller / Michelin-style many-tiny-courses tasting menu for a celebration. It’s too much about the food and less about the party, an experience like that I’d rather do solo or with one other hardcore foodie who’s as into it as I am.

Majordomo, Osteria Mozza, Chi Spacca, and Bestia are places where I’ve had great meals with a group of friends. Gjelina and Girl & the Goat (where I’ve only eaten solo) seem like good bets as well.


Trueeee, I might be misremembering his podcast episode re: too 100 list.

I think one more thing you might want to consider is the habits of the people you’re eating with. Gjelina is a place where you want to try as many different dishes as possible and eat it family style. If you have some folks in your party who are not sharers, it might be weird.


Gjelina’s menu could just as easily work for people who each want to order their own starter and main. In fact, if I went there tonight, I definitely wouldn’t be passing my duck confit around the table.

Chi Spacca’s one place where things are portioned to share. I would not go there with only two people.

Some of the dishes at Majordomo as well, though there are a lot of different ways to order there.

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I’ve been to Gjelina! I loved it. Never been to chi spacca or Majordomo. I have to try those sometime!

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What about Momofuku in Vegas?? Is it a set menu or a la carte