Best soft-serve in Los Angeles (moved from NYC board)

Best soft serve is at Sweet Rose Creamry on Pico & Lincoln SM location only. Two flavores at a time and they are always changing…wonderfully Creamry…


thank u-ill have to check that out when in the area…on west side I usually hit up carvel…no soft serve at sweet rose weho?

I do believe only the Santa Monica Pico Sweet Rose Creamery offers soft serve. The two flavors at the moment are Apple Ginger Soft Serve (Dairy Free) and their wonderful Sesame Soft Serve.

The dairy base used at Honeymee (Sawtelle, K-town) provides the purest, creamiest soft serve I’ve tried so far in town… It is soft serve crack. Far better than Sweet Rose.


just saw that place next to kiriko right? need to try it,thx

I’ve had very different experience(s).

Honeymee tastes like milky water. Sweet Rose tastes like Californian victory.

Also, one was mired in food fraud/safety controversy, and it wasn’t Sweet Rose.

When I’m not choking down McDonald’s cones or doing a beer bong “soft-serve” style at the local Souplantation, I think I’m very much partial to Pitfire.

Because Strauss Family Creamery soft serve FTW!


I’ll stick to my taste buds on this one; they can sense sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and sometimes umami. But not controversy. Nor victory.

Honeymee’s cream base has been far from watery, in my experience.

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that’s the shit that’s catty corner from kiriko ???

btw, has anyone hit up the cheese stuffed pretzels from Café Tomo recently ???

I used to really love that fucking shit with a cappachino. though I didn’t have a predilection for the monkey bread, just too sweet for my unrefined taste buds.


and cheap-ish too. and the chocolate is free.

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Strauss Family Creamery soft serve FTW

Yep. Love the straus soft serve at Pitfire with caramel and seasalt. However, I have yet to find a GREAT dippy cone. I’ve had the ones at Big Gay Ice Cream and the chocolate shell was off. You find better ones are from soft serve trucks in South L.A., but I know much better can be done…


The dairy base used at Honeymee (Sawtelle, K-town) provides the purest, creamiest soft serve I’ve tried so far in town

Yes, BUT only because sweet rose’s soft serve flavors tend to stick on the fruity side, which makes them less creamy. Overall, without the honey, Honey Mee would be pretty ‘meh’ in terms of flavor. I just wish sweet rose’s was creamier.


Bob’s Freeze
On Beverly Blvd., between Pomona and Atlantic (a short skip and hop away from the Metro Line station on Pomona Blvd.)


THANK YOU!! Just checked it out and it looks like the Dippy Cone we’ve been longing for!! Will check it out when we are pup free for sure! :DDD


Haven’t had soft serve at Sweet Rose Creamery, but their rose geranium raspberry ripple ice cream haunts my dreams. I had a pint squirreled away in the freezer, but I ate the last bit of it last week. Wah wah. I have to try their sesame soft serve.

BYW, I like the soft serve at Sunny Blue, especially for their Japanese flavors like black sesame or sweet red bean.

In a pinch, I’ll go to Mitsuwa and get matcha soft serve from the food court. Not the best in LA, but satiates my cravings.


3760 S. Centinela Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 398-2113
Daily 9:00am – 9:00pm


I’ve been to Bob’s Freeze a few (too many) times and it’s always been pretty damn creamy… Had forgotten about that place til you mentioned it. Thx.

I’ll add another one I used to frequent years ago for the chocolate-dipped cones… Wienerschnitzel

Der Weinie is usually tied with foster freeze, which does scratch that dippy cone itch.


:icecream: :yum:

I’ll add Rita’s Italian Ice. Yummeeee

Jon and vinny’s has good soft serve; the rest of their food… insipid.