Best sushi on a budget?

Has anyone been to Noma in Santa Monica? It’s in a strip mall and totally nondescript from the outside, which has all the makings of a good hole-in-the-wall.

I may try it, but are these sashimi prices kind of steep (I’m assuming it’s 2 pieces per order)?

I ate my first ever piece of sushi at Noma back in the early nineties. All I can remember is that I gagged and spit the ikura my parents prodded me to try into a napkin. I think my reaction was more a reflection of my unschooled taste buds than the actual food quality, since it became my family’s go to spot for years.

I am aware the above doesn’t speak to your current question, but I couldn’t help but reminisce.

The last time I was there was about three years ago. I remember it being a worthy neighborhood sushi spot with a good assortment of fish on special. Certainly worth a try if you’re in the area.


Here to chime in South Bay has two good very affordable omakases, old holdouts from the Japanese salaryman days of yore with Toyota hq.

Kanpachi in Gardena and chitose in redondo both running about 45 per person. Great Qpr


Yeah we live nearby; it’s fine and yes it is 2 pieces per order. Don’t go out of your way, but it’s perfectly acceptable.

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Oh I also had a very nice and affordable takeout lunch from Yui in Sierra Madre. Chef is always posting their fresh fish with commentary on instagram. Think I originally saw it as a TonyC rec a while ago?

Yui Restaurant
(626) 325-3840

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Kiriko. Just let them know those parameters, and in my experience, they’ll provide something remarkable.

Masakazu in Westwood or Soko (a la carte) in the Fairmont SM


Welcome to FTC. :slightly_smiling_face:


Really good but IDK about “on a budget”.

Chef Kenji Koyama used to run necco on Westwood Blvd. (since shuttered and now replaced by Izakaya Hero). Since necco’s closure, Kenji-san has taken over the old Silver Lake venue formerly occupied by Ramen Bangaichi (RIP) and coverted it into a sushi-ya: Kenbey Sushi.

One of my favorite lunches currently in L.A. is the Kenbey chirashi-don. In general, lunchtime is a great way to scratch that sushi itch for less pain in the wallet than, say, a full dinner experience.

Anyhoo, the quality of the sushi at Kenbey is really nice, and the sushi meshi (sushi rice) is legit. If you order wisely, okonomi (a la carte) there shouldn’t make too large a dent in the pocketbook. Check it out.

4339 Sunset Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90029


I thought this said…Best Sushi on a Burger.

carry on.


Wasn’t there someone on Sawtelle who did a sushi burger? I’m seeing California rolls, for some reason.

Relative value here: The full omakase at Masakazu is indeed priced considerably less than its competitors in the general vicinity.

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He requested under $200 - still fits as long as you stick to the 15pcs and go light on drinks.

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Not sure about Sawtelle, but 26 Beach in MDR is famous for its sushi burgers.


Yeah, it’s Black Sheep Burgers on Sawtelle, from the same family that started 26 Beach. I liked their Soft Shell Crab Burger better than the California Roll Burger.


Yelp has a photo of a Masakazu receipt from January that shows “omakasa - sushi only” for $120. Can’t find a price for the full omakase with appetizers and grilled fish.

Thad’s a relatively good value compared with high-end places charge $200 or mroe before drinks, service charge / tip, and tax.


Thanks for the heads up!

Any idea how much dinner omakase runs here?

Edit: based on yelp, looks like it’s $120 for 2 apps 10 pieces of nigiri and one hald roll. $150 option available that adds 3 more apps but not anymore nigiri.

Wow that used to be Saito Sushi before the ramen place. Had many meals w/Saito looking forward to Kenbey driving by and hadn’t noticed it’s sushi again.


I love Kenji he’s a great guy and great chef. The new place is very welcoming and the staff is great all around too. I’m surprised by your rice comment though, when I went both my partner and I noticed the rice was almost cold and a little under seasoned, but it could have just been an off night I guess.

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