Best Taste - Oakland



My super-foodie hairdresser recommended the clay-pot rice with extra spareribs. They make it to order so it takes around 20 minutes to come out.


Roast pork was very good: crunchy skin, juicy meat, room temperature, a little black bean and five-spice flavor.


Basic mustard greens with mushrooms, a little gloppy but good flavor.



#6 with extra spareribs, maybe


#1, which we apparently ordered by accident due to communication problems, we thought the server was recommending we get two orders of the spareribs. She pointed out the special seasoned soy sauce to put on the rice.

It was a nice lunch but the baked rice wasn’t that interesting to me compared with, say, paella, arros negre, or Thai shrimp paste fried rice.

They’re also known for their double-boiled medicinal soup of the day, which I don’t care for. Luke Tsai recommended the #2 clay pot.