Best Tortillas in OC

Based on a bunch of recommendations I’m going to get the Costco carne asada this weekend. I need some good home made tortillas and salsa in the OC - preferably in the Anaheim or Santa Ana region. I’ve tried Toro Bravo but didn’t think that either the tortillas or salsa were that great.

My fall back plan is getting the Tortilla Land brand at Costo and salsa from either Atla Baja market at 4th Street or El Farolito.

My coworker touts the tortillas at Colima on 1st and Fairview. Not sure what their to go situation is.

My friend raves about the "tortilla hecha a mano"at Reynas Market.

Not sure if they sell in bulk, however. Never hurts to ask I suppose.

Thanks will check out both.

What’s interesting about Reyna’s Market is on Facebook they list their website as If they are somehow related then I’ll definitely try them bc Soho Tacos has excellent tortillas.

Ruben’s Tortillería in Santa Ana has great flour tortillas. I haven’t had the corn there.

I think I’m going to Ruben’s. I called Reyna’s but the person didn’t speak English. I tried again but then they put me on hold for a very long time. Colima looks good but its an extra 10 minute drive.

Anyone try Flor de Mexicali in Santa Ana?

Never had them myself.

I’ve had Flor de Mexicali a bunch when I used to live in Irvine. Probably by far the best tortillas I’ve had in socal. The tortillas have a drop of sweetness on the palate similar to fresh baked bread. It’s the most earthy, corny, sweet regular tortilla from non-specialty tortilleria I’ve had around here. The sweet tones do it for me, it sets them apart from the chalky-limey tortillas you can get anywhere.


Thanks for the recommendation. Flor de Mexicali is close to Ruben’s. I will try to pick up tortillas from both places for a taste test and report back. Flor de Mexicali does seem to get good reviews online from an OC Weekly tortilla taste test they did back in 2012. Highest mark of any place they reviewed.

Thanks to your post I got them. They are damn good. Thanks a bunch!

I’m no expert but both Rubens and Flor de Mexicali make great tortillas. The lighter colored ones on the left are from Rubens. If I had to choose I’d give a very slight advantage to Flor de Mexicali. A little more corn flavored and crisped up better when making quesadillas. Both were significant improvement over the Mission brand we usually have.


Lindo Michocan #2 in Anaheim.

Handmade tortillas 3 for $1. On weekends bring a pot and they will fill it up with menudo.

If you ask nicely you can get Tacos De Queso De Puerco. Headcheese Tacos

A little bit of that house habernero hot sauce. Fold it up, you get a nice porky experience.

And I have yet to see this anywhere in LA but I could be wrong.


Mmm habanero…the biggest thing to miss from being in Mexico proper.

How often do they have the headcheese?

For me it’s been 3/4 visits

Where are the good tortillas in LA?