Best way to cook a 6-1/2 lb. smoked ham hock?

I’m thinking braise it, cook lentils in the broth, and crisp up the meat as in this recipe:

Maybe I should serve the meat like bo ssäm:

To paraphrase David Chang, one foot rooted in tradition and the other kicking it around.

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I like the look of the first option. It doesn’t look like the SE version uses a smoked hock, so it would be interesting to see how it would turn out with it smoked.

I didn’t know people used whole smoked ham hocks. I thought you just cut pieces off as needed, to flavor food.

Usually I use a whole hock that’s much smaller.

I just realized that you’re talking about a smoked one whereas SE isn’t smoked. I’m pretty sure I’ve done one but have no recipe or photos :frowning: But I know it wasn’t smoked.

Where did you get this one?

Braise, slice, then stir-fry with leeks, onions and burdock root.

Massa Organics at the farmer’s market. They’re primarily rice and almond growers.

It was starting to fall apart after I braised it, so I pulled the meat, ended up with a little over two and a half pounds (that’s a gallon Ziploc). I think I’ll make a French-ish lentil stew. Also netted two cups of smoky lard and a big piece of fatty skin I’ll attempt to turn into chicharrón.

That sure doesn’t look like a smoked hock!

Does to me. What makes you say that?

Because this is the type of meat Robert was going to cook:

And this is what a smoked one looks like:

smoked pork hocks ready for adding into soups

It looked like that before I dismantled it.

The first one or the second?


My apologies. Did yours look like the first one or the second one? Regardless of size. I grew up in Atlanta, technically The South. Hocks are a common piece of meat there.

More like the first one in shape, but smoked.