Between tar pits and whiskey

which would u rather drink?

im joking.

i may be travelling from los pits on wilshire to whiskey on sunset. pllease help me choose where to have din din on the way.

thank you.

Salt’s Cure
Night + Market (sunset branch now has the fried chicken sandwich)
Odys Penelope
Aburiya Raku


Golden State
+1 on Salt’s Cure


son of a gun
connie and ted’s
ep & lp


a.o.c. on the patio. It’s summer!

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Odys + Penelope is right there and you can grab drinks, pork belly pappardelle, and amazing desserts.


thank u all for suggestions. great stuff.
having trouble getting odys y penny menu to load.

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Wow perhaps you should do the trip more than once. Lots of great suggestions here.

Same problem with menu loading. Try open table or Yelp. When we went, those menus were pretty close. Don’t miss ribs or cauliflower millet thing, as well as pappardelle.

worked on a pc desktop. apparently, like many websites i encounter
lately, it’s not so ipad friendly.

looks like night+market is the choice. is the chicken sandwich really the
best thing to get there? any other suggestions?

Fried pig tail, Pork toro, Crispy rice salad, larb lanna, panang en nuea.


No. It’s a good sandwich but all the Thai food is actually so much better…

Their Kuay Tiew Kaia Gai is wonderful!

i hope they have a bar. i want to get there early and have a drinkie poo.

edit. moruno looks good. real good. will keep in mind for next time, thanks.

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here’s a report back:

went to night + market. loved the food and would go back. surprising (for me) number of thai patrons
amongst the young, the beautiful, the wearing a ballcap in the restaurant types.

had the pig tails – great, a little oily but nice crunch.
the pork toro – very good. not enough “dip” served with it.
crispy rice salad – excellent, lots of textures, good sour flavour, sort of an “achoo” portion though.
a special: uni fried rice. can’t pass up uni. had salmon roe, too. oddly, this was straight outta mehville.
couldn’t taste much uni, although you can see it there right on top of the mound of rice.
it was double the price of our other choices, and a nice sized portion, but i wouldn’t order it again.

one mediocre cocktail and a coupla lao beers. 75 bucks incl tip. i kinda thought the prices were reasonable. we were
clean plate rangers and pretty darn stuffed. then again, the final bill was a little high maybe.

i would go to this place again in a heartbeat.

many thanks for the help.


Glad you liked Night + Market.

Thanks for the warning on the Uni Fried Rice (I’ve never seen that special before, glad I didn’t order it).

Give their Moo Yang Nom Khon (Fatty Pork Shoulder) a try next time, and the Gai Tod Naeng Noi (Thai Fried Chicken). I’m bummed they removed the Thai Waterbug dipping sauce that came with it.

Great report. thanks.

I never thought to comment on it but you are so right - they always give such dinky dip portions. Love most of the food though. I do wish they would broaden the menu palate some - menu is pretty static considering the talent of the kitchen, it seems they could add so many interesting dishes if they were so inclined.