Big Boi Filipino food on Sawtelle

Opened last week, it’s supposed to be a soft open for now with the full launch next week but when we dropped in, everything was moving quickly.

EaterLA has done a writeup and I’m not going to rehash what they said. Just some quick impressions on my part.

We all got the two item combo for $15 which seems to be a better deal than the one item for $8. Portions are generous considering the Westside tax. I had the Tocino and Sisig and went with half and half rice and pansit. Combos also come with a pan de sal roll.

Overall, I thought the quality was also very good. Nothing greasy or oily. All the flavors were good but my group of Filipino friends all thought the flavors leaned towards the milder side probably to make it more accessible for mainstream tastes. There wasn’t as big of a vinegar punch, etc. on the various dishes.

However they do put out fish sauce, vinegar, banana ketchup and soy sauce at the table to allow you to punch it up as desired.

It’s a nice option to have on this side of town and would seem to fit well with their goal to have it be mainly takeout.

My combo
Big Boi combo


The only Big Boi I recognize is Sir Lucious Left Foot / Antwan Andre Patton so this was a disappointing click :wink:.

In all seriousness, thanks for the report! I’m very much enjoying the Filipino food wave, and if I ever make it to Sawtelle again I’ll check it out. (Their website does say “healthier” Filipino food, which may explain the milder flavor too)

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I wouldn’t categorize it as destination food. If you’re on the westside and craving Filipino food, it’s a good option to scratch the itch. It’s fresher and higher quality than the turo turo joints that have popped up in the past.

They could have kept it healthy while still punching up the flavors, more vinegar and garlic for example. But it was still tasty and there was the different sauces available tableside. Its definitely geared more towards entry level people unfamiliar with Filipino food.

I tried Big Boi right after they opened and had kind of a mixed experience. Lumpia and Sisig were tasty but chicken adobo kind of meh. Also, I didn’t get any pansit or a roll with my big combo, just rice and cucumbers. I’ll probably give them another shot when they’ve worked out the kinks.