Birthday bite under $10

My supervisor has a birthday on Tuesday. I want to get her a small cake or cupcake or dessert. looking to spend under $10. Preferably under $5. Not being cheap, just doing a “it’s the thought that counts” kinda thing. Here is the kicker, I want it to be relatively healthy. Was thinking of a chocolate covered fruit, but those tend to be spendy.

Thanks for any ideas.

What, anywhere in LA? I’m going to say couple of pies from Atticus.

Maybe a strawberry donut from Donut Man?

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not sure if srs

“Relatively healthy dessert” and “under $10” might not be super compatible.

If you’re on the westside, you could try some fruit tarts from Amandine’s “happy hour” (30% off pastries after 4PM).

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Totally serious. It’s about as healthy as chocolate covered fruit or cream pies.

Where in LA are you located?

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How about a boxed set of Japanese confections from Fugetsu-Do?

You can quite easily get a customized set of 6-8 pieces of mochi, wagashi, manjū, etc. for under $10. Presentable box comes included.


Durian mooncake? :innocent::grin:

Pretty sure that’s not under $10.

Yes, I mean a durian mooncake.

are you near any persian bakery? they might have cookies made with chickpeas. i make my own cookies with chickpeas in lieu of cookie dough and i throw in walnuts and carob chips to simulate chocolate chip cookies, some people have no idea that they’re eating chickpeas.

also works with peanut butter cookies.


Ooh, good idea. Pink Orchid in Westwood has great honey cookies (asa li).

It’s way way easy to make your own chocolate covered strawberries.

But I agree with Nemroz - where you are located will affect your choices.

You know a really great loaf of bread with a ribbon on top - that would make me happy anytime. They can have one slice or chunk and freeze the rest.

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Try Cake Monkey on Beverly Blvd. They have individual sized cakes for about $6 or $8 I don’t remember which.

I said “relatively.” :smile:

I’m in mid-city, work in Beverly Hills, will be in Santa Monica this weekend.__

Dark chocolate covered fruit is healthy.

according to yelp, rex bakery on sawtelle has pistachio-chickpea cookies.

I’m scared.

Is susina still open?

what’s to fear? i didn’t suggest buying them without trying them first. and rex should be relatively on the way to the west side.

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Where is donut man? I looked it up, seems far.