Black Bottom Cafe finally open!

I have been waiting for this for months as they kept pushing the opening. The tag “Southern Food” had me going as there isn’t much Southern food in LA. So I just finished off my first taste of “Black Bottom”.
Here is a link to the website,
It is a small space on the northeast corner of the six-way Lankershim, Vineland, Camarillo intersection. Takeout only. There is a picnic table outside, but it was a little wet and cold for dining al fresco tonight.
I was a bit surprised at the menu - mostly bbq or shrimp with lots of vegan options. Not my idea of Southern cooking. No fried chicken? I went for the half pound of brisket with a side of mac-and-cheese.
First the bad part; the mac-and-cheese was just okay. The blend of cheeses was good, but the emulsion had broken and the pasta was cooked to death - which works with gooey American cheese based sauces, but not a blend of fancy cheddars and asiago. You need Edna Lewis’ take,, to make those cheeses work. Still it was edible. The coleslaw was standard, not too sweet thank goodness, and the homemade bread-and-butter pickles were fine. I didn’t get the greens; I love greens, but they use kale. Come on - kale?
Looking at the menu one might think that the chef has an unfortunate predilection for trying to fuse health food with bbq and its true - my brisket was garnished with microgreens…microgreens on bbq!!! But now we get to the great part - it was the best brisket I have had in LA (caveat - I haven’t been to Maple Block yet - soon). They did so many things wrong: it was the flat, not the point; it was sliced with the grain, not against, and there was hardly any bark, but it was so good. Tender, succulent, juicy, and the perfect amount of smoke; not overpowering, no creosote taste, but the flavor was definitely there. I am not a big eater, but I polished off the half pound with no trouble.
Really nice people too. The desserts looked great. I will definitely return to sample the other offers.

Thanks for the report @ebethsdad. :slight_smile: Sounds like the Brisket might be worth a visit, but as you said, the rest of the items, maybe not. I agree with you: Microgreens on BBQ? LOL. :smile:

Menu pricing is pretty high IMO, but that buildout must’ve cost them a fortune so I guess they gotta recoup somehow…

MOMMA DOLL: You wanna stay for supper? We got kale.
UNCLE TYRONE: He likes collard greens, not kale.
MOMMA DOLL: He like kale. He thinks
they’re collard greens.

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As long as there is bacon grease or a ham hock Southern style kale is fine. Although I like it mixed with turnip, mustard and collards…beets too.
Still enjoying the brisket aftertaste.

This sold me.

Yes! Before kale became health food, the only way I knew how to make it/eat it was cooked in bacon fat.