Black cocoa in LA?

This is referring to ultra-dutched cocoa powder, e.g. King Arthur’s version.

Does anyone know of stores in LA that stock it, ideally in Hollywood or further East?

I’d check either Surfas, Sur La Table, or your local Whole Foods.

Thanks. I struck out at Whole Foods and a few other places, but didn’t try SLT.

Might also call your local Bristol Farms.

i remember seeing something really black at surfas called “onyx” cocoa. … .

Might also want to call Gelson’s. I know that they sell dutched cocoa powder; not sure about the ultra-dutched since I didn’t know it existed (and thus wouldn’t have been looking for it).

But Surfas generally has everything. :wink:

Onyx is in fact a variety of black cocoa, so you’re the winner :slight_smile:

Too bad Surfas is a bit out of the way…

if you do make an attempt to go to Surfas,
CALL BEFORE GOING to make sure they have stock and have them
SAVE IT FOR YOU so that you don’t walk in to find an empty shelf.

they haven’t been fully stocked in chocolate for years. … . .

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And each re-model gets slightly worse… Oh well! I can still get leaf lard there for super cheap (at least at this time of year before pie season)

My local Sprouts carries several King Arthur products – maybe try calling your local one to see if they carry it?