Blackstar Burger Fairfax

This place just opened, the Russian burger chain. Anyone been yet?

Did they help elect shake shack as best burger chain in america?


Guess i’ll have to go try this Russian rapper burger. Hope they got some actual rooskis in the house for me to talk smack with

Blatant Rip off of name


Great album


I went today…11 bucks for burger and fries…spend the extra 4 bucks and go to goldenstate


Thanks for taking one for the team. :frowning:

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No pic?

I have a feeling it will be popular with the IG crowd. I’ll stick with Belcampo SaMo and HiHo until FTC reports say otherwise.

ya I don’t think FTC is gonna say otherwise… def stick with those


when’s hiho wilshire opening up?

opening tomorrow

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It’s a HiHoUovoKazuNori complex.


I was wondering that myself. Highly recommend the triple HiHo spicy (no ketchup for me) if you end up trying it out.

Apparently HiHo won the LA Mag burger tournament, although it doesn’t appear that they included Belcampo and some others so take it FWIW.

Why didn’t I listen? Showed up today and it’s a huge line for a private soft open. Bad luck, coworkers were coming out as we walked up to it so we couldn’t go with them. But now we get to try Uovo

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Seems same guy own all those concepts, jerry Greenberg via the air Jordan podcast