BLT Steak at Bally's?

I searched it but could not find any threads. Has anyone been there? Good? Bad?

I would steer clear.

Prime, Carnevino, Bazaar Meats, Craftsteak and SW are all better. Some more pricier like Bazaar Meats and Carnevino, but their dry aged beef is top notch. For sides, I choose Craftsteak. Prime for a more quiet and serene setting. SW is nice all around. The dry aged tomahawk was quite tasty.

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Virgo girl going to Vegas for the Bday?
I walked into SLS Bazaar Meats and tho’ I don’t eat meat, the menu looked fab and a cool vibe…
Delmonicos, at the Venetian is a solid choice .
A5 has excellent rec’s!

Remember to hit up Lotus of Siam for lunch…open at 11am…
Peppermill for breakfast/brunch/lunch.
Zip Line at SlotZilla, the downtown Fremont Experience…

Secret pizza at the Cosmo for late night pizza run after boozy night…third floor.

The Oyster bar at the Palace Station was outstanding…counter service, wait but moves quickly…
Pan roasted lobster or shrimp is one of the best things I’ve eaten in a long time…24/7 open…go at odd hours for no wait.

Hey! Long time!

I’ll be in Vegas for a Jiu Jitsu tournament. LOS is definitely on the list, but we always do a steak dinner to.

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What’s on the deal of the week at Charlie Palmer’s at Mandalay/Four Seasons?
Great deal with 3+ course meal of meat, salad, dessert and endless wine! $50+ pp.
Delmonico’s was fab at the Venetian…
Look into SLS Bazaar Meats…

Love Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens Downtown…classic old school and fab food!

Where are you staying?

Most likely Bally’s…that’s why I wondered about their steakhouse.

What are you looking for in a steakhouse?

Dry aged?
Old School?

Carnevino is great for dry aged. The warm bread comes with whipped lardo which is great. The steaks are very pricey though, but Bazaar Meats may be even more. The raviolo is good, but most other apps and desserts were not memorable. Carnevino is dry aged steak or bust for me.

Craftsteak is good all around. Best sides because of their produce. The corn with herbs is amazing, so simple but so good. The scallop with fennel app is awesome and perfectly cooked. The only downfall is the dessert, just average.

Prime is great. One of the few places where it room is more intimate. Really liked everything I ate, except for the truffle mac n cheese, it was average.

SW Steakhouse is great all around. Really good steaks, apps, sides, and desserts. Pricier but I think you can really taste the quality. The tuna tartare was a standout app.

Delmonico is great is you love bone in ribeyes. That is the because steak their. Not too impressed with the apps, sides nor desserts. But I would go and sit at the bar for their bone in ribeye, which they finish with some seasoned butter. Really tasty.

CUT is really good. If you have never been to any of the locations, I highly recommend going just for the bone marrow flan. The banana cream pie is also worthy. My favorite steak is the Snake River Farms wagyu ribeye. Also, the Maine lobster is great. Sides could be better, the brussel sprouts with bacon is good. Also, if in season the pumpkin doughnuts with ginger ice cream was awesome. Sort of pricey depending on what you order.

Well, we want a unicorn. I know it’s Vegas. Ideally, excellent quality, in a price range that would be considered normal-ish for a big night out, but not an over the top big night out. We want white-tablecloth, but not quite at an Addison level of expense. I was kind of thinking about Golden Steer too…

If you are not opposed to driving, Andiron in Summerlin would be a good fit.

We are driving, so that’s a possibility.

StripSteak at Mandalay Bay might be a good option too. We’ve been there several times for business dinners and it’s always been good. Their complimentary duck fat fries are amazing, as are the creamed corn and truffle mac and cheese. I’m a ribeye fan and theirs is always great - well aged and not super fatty.

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