Bludso's BBQ Compton To Close

Apparently a landlord dispute. Kevin is looking for new Compton location that may take over a year to open plus the possibility of new locations including Downtown Los Angeles!

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well that’s a dramatic change of events.

so were they even under remodel or was that whole thing a sham?

I really hope they end up opening an OC branch not in Long Beach or Huntington. Somewhere more central or north please.

This could be a blessing in disguise (uh-hum, Bar & Que). The Golden State will be good incubators - at least I hope.

Does Fromin’s Deli in SaMo want to host a permanent pop up? :slight_smile: Or what about Pasadena??? Maybe lots of business from the Gold Line?


Wait, there’s a branch of Bludso’s in Australia???

Sort of. More “heavily inspired by” from what I can gather:

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What’s this about Golden State? ? ? ?

Golden State is The majority owners and operators of Bludo’s Hollywood

Considering Noah Galuten, who runs HW, is regularly there, and Kevin is occssionally there, it’s more than “heavily inspired.”

In Australia?

Whatt!?!? the burger guys? that’s rather shocking knowing how well they know beer and the awful beer selection at Bludso’s la brea

they got tallboys of PBR, what more could you ask for?


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Good to know. It’d be nice if the video included that info (is BBQ big in Australia???)…

I see you’ve played knifey-spoony before.

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Oh, @TonyC mentioned awhile back that he had had some of @mhlee BBQ, no? Can’t imagine TonyC making a reference to it unless it was good…

I’m sure it’s very consistent. I also wonder if this is why there have been so many reports of inconsistency at Bludso’s Compton. Perhaps Kevin is spread a little thin atm?

I haven’t been to Australia, but from what I’ve seen, US BBQ is growing in popularity, so much so that a number of top US pitmasters have gone there for Meatstock.