Blue Hill (NYC)

Went to Blue Hill last night for dinner! We all got the extended farmer’s feast and it was amazing. We had gone a few years back and I had forgotten how excellent it was. Pretty much had to be rolled out since we were so stuffed!

Everything was amazing and we loved that they would go into the background of an ingredient and on occasion bring out the ingredient in question to let us take a look/smell/feel it. The work they do up at blue hill farms is actually fascinating to learn about. Last time they brought out the honeynut and this time they brought out a celtuce and went into the Barber Wheat grain they use for the bread (which came out warm, fluffy, delicious).

There were a couple amuses I missed - the signature plate of raw veg and lard, potato chips, and this amazing mini tart with stravecchio cheese. That mini tart was one of my faves along with the lobster pasta, razor clams, dat bread, and the rhubarb and strawberry desserts.

Service there is fantastic and everyone is super knowledgeable and into what they do and it shows!

Liver and chocolate amuse

Asparagus with cured egg, broccoli puree and sake lees

Razor clams - so good. The green stuff (forgot what this was) is super savory and the clam texture was great

Duck egg pasta with lobster - just wow, could eat a whole plate of this. The noodles have great texture and flavor by themselves but the sauce/lobster takes it over the top.

Softshell crab with celtuce - crab perfectly fried, celtuce reminded me of radish, peppery!

Duck breast with fiddleheads and peas - components good on their own, but a bite with everything just melded together. loved the fiddleheads

DIY duck crepes - fun! strawberries were unexpected but delicious

Beef shortrib and tongue with morel risotto - risotto was excellent and complemented the meat nicely but I felt the shortrib (reminded me of korean jangjorim) was on the dry side and the tongue was a lil weird for me. Was getting super full at this point and could have done without this one

Rhubarb with yogurt, buckwheat, goat cheese - loved this. again, a bite with everything was so much better than each indivdual part. buckwheat gave great texture

Strawberry with white chocolate, mint, almonds - strawberries underneath all that cream as well as this herby mint ice cream! yet again the components do well together although i’m not usually a big fan of mint by itself.

Fresh strawberries and preserved green strawbs with maple sugar and macadamia nuts - preserved green strawbs were super interesting.


Why are the razor clams served in the shells of some other kind of clam? Odd.

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Ha touche, but i imagine the razor clam shells wouldn’t have been large enough to accommodate the green sauce! It was very dramatic presentation though, I liked it.

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Razor clam shells can barely hold the clam, they probably serve a lot of their seafood out of the same clam shell