Bold, Stunning Sunshine (with a side of Hellfire) - Northern Thai Food Club [Thoughts + Pics]



Yes! I was wondering when a visit from you would happen! That escalated quickly

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I love that you’ve already made 2 visits! Excellent works as always, @Chowseeker1999.


I need to try that Jackfruit Curry! The papaya salad too.

Next time try the tamarind nam prik!

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Thanks @JeetKuneBao. It was thanks to your great early report and tips that made us want to visit as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

What spice level did you order the papaya salad?

great stuff. i assume that if the food is basically what is currently available at the steam table then there’s no question of it being made at different heat levels? everything just comes out as it’s been cooked?

Thanks @attran99! :slight_smile: Are there any Northern Thai restaurants you like in So Cal right now?

Yes! I think you’d love their Jackfruit Curry and the Papaya Salad. They’re some of our favorites. Really good depth of flavor.

For the Tamarind Nam Prik, do you remember what the English menu name is? Thanks!

Nam Prik Ta Daeng. I don’t see it on the menu I posted though

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Hi @tailbacku,

We left everything as is (didn’t specify any spice level). One thing to mention:

The menu actually has a heat indicator (1 Chili, 2 Chili, or 3 Chili icons). The spiciest items we tried - the Papaya Salad and the Nam Phrik Num (Northern Style Green Chili Dip) were only with 2 Chili icons(!). I can’t imagine with the 3 Chili icon dishes are like. :sweat:

Hi @MyAnnoyingOpinions,

Besides the steam table offerings, you can actually order off the menu and they’ll cook pretty much anything on the menu to order (which is nice). We didn’t think of asking about spice level because of the limited English capabilities of the staff (we just pointed at the pictures in the menu). :slight_smile:

I think for their Curries and Soups those are made in large batches so I’m thinking the spice level is already set.

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Yes, please! I remember a couple of years ago I finally got myself to the vaunted Jitlada, ordered som tum spicy and was proceeded to be served this sugary unflavorful concoction without any heat at all. All I could think was WTF, this is the place that Jonathan Gold raved about?

I am definitely looking forward to trying the som tum at Northern Thai Food Club. That one sounds like it might be reminiscent of the one years ago that a lady from Long Beach used to sell at the Thai Temple in the SFV. That was great som tum. I stopped going to the Thai Temple once they shut down all the food vendors.

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Wait, what? You mean the temple in NoHo/Pacoima? Last time I went, there were lots of food vendors!

They must be back. Many years ago all the neighbors were up in arms because of weekend parking and the vendors were banished. I guess they are back. Is the som tum lady there?

She moved to a indoor swap meet, Kim’s Thai Food.

Thanks for the heads up. Very interesting.

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Should we trade? You eat that and I eat some duck blood in Little Saigon?

Duck blood? You need to be about that goat blood life.

Kidding. That’s too much funk for me.

Why did you have to bring this up @JeetKuneBao?! :cry: :sweat_smile: I’m still scarred by the pic @Ns1 posted about the Vietnamese Tiet Canh (Raw Blood) dish:

And then because Google is too powerful, it also brought up a Northern Thai dish that looks just as bad:

lou (หลู้) (Raw Pig’s Blood w/ Spices):

:scream: :face_vomiting: :skull_and_crossbones: