Bon Appetit Best New Restaurants

Turkey and the Wolf in New Orleans looks like my kinda of place. .
Any of you been to the top 10 or 50 in the USA.
Comfort food is back baby!

Yep, Le Coucou in New York, for brunch. Had oysters with seaweed butter, a buckwheat crepe with egg and lobster, and one of the best bloody marys I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a LOT of bloody marys).

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Yes and i hated it.

Destroyer and Tartine Manufactury.

Weird list.

Kismet seems like a reasonable choice for such a list.

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They all seem like fun and interesting restaurants if they opened in my neighborhood. But I don’t imagine myself going to New Orleans for a turkey sandwich, or going out of my way to eat pig ribs and fried onion rings in Chicago.

Though Mister Jui is on my list next time I’m in SF…

I went to a pop-up of Mister Jiu’s before it opened, and it was similar to PorkyBelly’s experience. I keep waiting to hear something that sounds like he’s gotten past his hit-and-miss phase.

Really disliked it when I went last August. They only had a family style tasting menu then…Some of the portions were ridiculous. One of the dishes was some sort of noodle and we each got about three strands…

Okay, good to know. I’ve read a lot about it, and admire the chef, but yes, maybe wait a while until they settle in.

Oysters with seaweed butter and one of the best bloody mary’s you’ve ever had…ding ding ding!

Mister Jiu’s has been open for 16 months. If they make it to three years I’ll give it a try. If I’m in the neighborhood I might check out the bar and have a bite.