Bon Appetit's "10 Best New Restaurants of 2016"

  1. Staplehouse - Atlanta, GA
  2. Bad Saint - Washington, D.C.
  3. Lord Stanley - San Francisco, CA
  4. Morcilla - Pittsburgh, PA
  5. Baroo - Los Angeles, CA
  6. South Philly Barbacoa - Philadelphia, PA
  7. Oberlin - Providence, RI
  8. Wildair - New York, NY
  9. Buxton Hall - Asheville, NC
  10. N7 - New Orleans, LA
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Baroo got some air time on KPCC’s “Take Two.” I posted this on the Baroo thread over on the LA board:

Mekelberg’s is owned by a long time food board guy (Daniel from eGullet, Mouthfulsfood, CH…) & a good friend.


Awesome! Congrats to Daniel-san.

Have you had that sandwich?

Of course. And just about everything else on the menu, including the bowls of Szechuan peanuts. All great, even though I’m totally biased.

Nice! How is the sandwich? The description sounds great and comforting. The picture looks like it’d be a bit tough to eat / bready. But love a good meatloaf.