Born & Raised

Not a cheap ticket but a damn good one.

Great cocktails, entrees were excellent, sides, very good, dessert so-so.

Beautiful room, really nice service.

If you’re looking for a splurge, this is it.

I’ve probably been here too many times for my own good, but I really like their dry-aged duck and meatballs.

The steaks are what they are, not sure I would go there just for steak. Would instead head to Cowboy Star.

Almost had the duck…next time :slight_smile:

I’ve gotta get here soon. Some things have slowed due to illness. But ok to dine, and this place would be fine. (Gasp, rhyme not intended.)

I hear you on the illness part. I came home from Mexico with acute bronchitis. That was a month ago and I still have moderate lingering effects. I haven’t been contagious for quite a while so dining out hasn’t been an issue…finding the energy to go out has been :wink:

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Finally made it here. Gorgeous, great service, not too loud and not too dark or too bright. Definitely a pricey meal but we knew that going in. My only negative is that the tables are arranged very poorly for the tableside carts. People get blocked in with carts at each end, and the way the tables are arranged only half the table gets to see the action on the carts.

Foodwise, carpaccio was delicate and flavorful. Tableside Caesar Salad sauce was pungent and nicely balanced, although the hearts of romaine was the all hearts, no leafy darker greens. Still enjoyed it.
NY strip was perfectly cooked and seasoned.

That Japanese Wagyu though…easily the best piece of beef I have ever had in my life.

We were going to go here for a now almost-passed anniversary, but when we peeked inside a couple of weeks ago (it was just before they opened for dinner), it looked very meh to both of us. The bar looked nice, but the rest, blah.

Admittedly we were looking through the door and probably not seeing the best interior location. Or not? What did we miss, in terms of ambience? We were happy to splurge for our anniversary, but not in a place that looked to us like one step up from a diner.

Glad to hear you had a nice time, though. We’ll probably make it there one of these days.

DC, you know that old saying…Don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Well, that’s exactly what you did :wink:

Born & Raised isn’t meh, nor is it bland or blah. It’s pretty upscale and fancy and would have been a good choice for an anniversary celebration. The food is good to excellent, the service is good. There’s a good bit of theater with the tableside cocktail and salad carts. It’s definitely not a cheap ticket, but if you’re looking to have a nice splurge meal, Born & Raised is a definite contender

You missed the boat on this one…

Well, OK. There’ll be another boat. Sometime.

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The 2nd floor patio is awesome.

Thanks for the tip, ipse.

We might well go sometime this summer, and dining on a lovely patio would be great.

I am craving the wagyu, need to see how the quality of the imported stuff is at the local Japanese markets.