Bowl'd, Bowl'd BBQ, Spoon, Bopshop

Great article in Berkeleyside about the two sisters of the Ohgane family that started this mini-empire:

The original Bowl’d on Solano is in my regular rotation. I usually get the spicy pork, kimchi soondobu, or chap chae.

Good food, nice people.

Every time I eat at Bowl’d BBQ in Temescal I’m struck by what a great value it can be compared with most places in Oakland. The bibimbop is $14 and there’s no extra charge for stone bowl or mixed rice (both of which I prefer). Good wine is $8 a glass.

Forced to upgrade my phone, I chose a Moto Z with the Hasselblad camera attachment so I can take better pictures.

Tried the egg souffle (gyeranjjim). The menu says to allow ten minutes but it came out very quickly. Very light and delicate, the owner said they blend eggs and water with an immersion blender and put into a stone pot with some sesame oil. I’m definitely going to try making this at home.

The potato item in the top right corner was warm and curried, I liked that much better than the usual cold, dry, sweet potato thing.

Looking forward to try this place when I visit East Bay this coming week. Will report back.

Which one?

Bowl’d in Oakland, unless you have an alternative. I know they have five, but I just assumed they are all pretty much the same …

The menus are slightly different. I alternate between Temescal and Solano.