Boys night out

Hi all - I’m very new to LA and need a little help!
I have a couple of golf buddies coming from Vancouver soon and will need a good spot to go for dinner.

Any suggestions on great steak houses or gastropubs? Something dimly lit / old school vibe would be great. A good beer/wine list would be a large plus.

I live in Westwood but we can go pretty much anywhere within reason. We are in our (very) late 30’s if that helps at all.

Much appreciated!

Mastros. 1st or 2nd floor if you want more old school steakhouse vibe. Penthhouse (3rd floor) if you want more modern clubby vibe.

father’s office
plan check

chi spacca


Dan Tana’s
The Galley
Arthur J’s
Firestone Walker Venice
Musso & Franks

Since I was there recently and had a great time after many years absence, I’ll suggest Jar. A heck of a lot classier than Mastro’s, which has more of a cheeseball nightclub vibe IMO. You can go into anaphylactic shock from all the heavily dosed cologne and perfume wafting around that joint.

I’ve been seriously disappointed with Plan Check the two times I visited the DTLA location . Burgers were overcooked, order was wrong both times and service was scattered.

Animal is a solid call if you’re into meat-centric dude food.

Wolfgang’s in BH. Grill on the Alley in BH.


Chi Spacca. Not dimly lit but smoky.


Smoky? As in you can smoke there??

from the grill

As in the intoxicating aroma of meat cooking over charcoal.

Not very dimly lit, but Charcoal in the Marina is a boys night out kind of place.
Not primarily steaks, but Scopa Italian Roots is another place I would bring a bunch of just-below-40-something dudes for dinner.
Chi Spacca is a good one.
I think Mastro’s food quality has diminished (steaks are still great but the sides suck these days).
Korean BBQ at Hanjip is dark and smokey and fun.
Craig’s if you want the hottest Hollywood scene (and can get in).
Dan Tana’s if you order correctly. Great steak. Pretty awful Italian food. EXPENSIVE.

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I think @PorkyBelly’s recommendation of Father’s Office is a solid one for a gastropuby spot. Not so much for the vibe, but the burger is arguably the best in town, and there are always a slew of great beer options. I prefer the Culver City location because you can sit outside, but it does get pretty dang busy at peak times/weekends.


Not old school nor dimly lit, but I’d go private room at Gwang Yang for upscale Korean BBQ. Good cuts of beef + tons of beer + boozing in KTown after = very fun guys night. It’s a lot more special than a good steakhouse which just about every city in North America has.

If not, I’d go Chi Spacca for something a bit interesting.


The Stinking Rose. You’re welcome.

Best steak ever! I read it on the internets, so you know it’s true.


Add me to the Chi Spacca chorus. It’s not quite what you described but what I think you might be looking for, if that makes sense.

Weiner - how’s the food at Firestone?

agree with dan tana’s. i think the place was built for guys night out. stiff drinks.

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The food at Firestone Walker was suprisingly good. A very good fish & chips and a BBQ brisket pizza that I could order every time.

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What times do you go? I tried to go opening weekend and they weren’t letting anyone in because it was at capacity. I’ve been gun shy ever since.

They take reservations
or sit in bar area and you can still order food.

Wow - so many great suggestions! Thank you!