Breakfast Burrito

Their arrival in Los Angeles will be characteristically low-key. They’re going with what they know: a truck parked at the Line Hotel in Koreatown. An eventual brick-and-mortar restaurant is also part of the plan.

The truck, called Hot Tacos, will have a less regional menu than their Austin locales: taco bowls, tacos (including migas), quesadillas and nachos. The idea, the sisters say, is to serve high-quality Mexican food at a reasonable price — $11 for a steak taco bowl, for example — occupying a middle ground between the fancy places and the street carts.

And from Eater

hmm. eater updated their list and included at least three locations in ELA.

Unless I’m looking at a different version I think it’s still just La Azteca in East LA proper. Macheen and George’s are both Boyle Heights, which I believe was the gripe with the Times too.

I did have a pretty excellent one today at Great White, which is on Eater’s list but not on the Times’. Tater tots inside are an easy win, but everything else was done super well too.

And had a pretty disappointing one the other day at Angry Egret (part of a string of disappointments there, unfortunately. This probably belongs in the other thread and maybe I’ll X-post, but I desperately want to love that place but it’s just never quite right.)

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I’ve only been once, but I have not been particularly tempted to return. It was tasty enough, but the whole seemed strangely less than the sum of the parts.