Breakfast Burrito

hmm. eater updated their list and included at least three locations in ELA.

Unless I’m looking at a different version I think it’s still just La Azteca in East LA proper. Macheen and George’s are both Boyle Heights, which I believe was the gripe with the Times too.

I did have a pretty excellent one today at Great White, which is on Eater’s list but not on the Times’. Tater tots inside are an easy win, but everything else was done super well too.

And had a pretty disappointing one the other day at Angry Egret (part of a string of disappointments there, unfortunately. This probably belongs in the other thread and maybe I’ll X-post, but I desperately want to love that place but it’s just never quite right.)

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I’ve only been once, but I have not been particularly tempted to return. It was tasty enough, but the whole seemed strangely less than the sum of the parts.


Finally tried the breakfast burrito at Roxy’s Liquor and Mini Mart. Kinda mixed results. First, they don’t use Choriman chorizo any more (boo hiss). Second, it was kind of more expensive than I like to pay and had rice in it which is not my jam for breakfast burritos.

That said, it wasn’t a bad burrito, just not my preference for the above points. I won’t be getting it again but it was well made enough that I’ll probably try something else from them when I’m in the area (which is often).

It’s true that parking lot totally sux, though. Street parking seemed like a better option next time.


In Cypress


Someone please eat for me


The wait for an order at 11AM is 1-1.5 hours.

Call in your orders, all.

I don’t live too far away, so I can put in our order and they’ll call/text when it’s ready.

The lack of activity out front is not an accurate sign of how busy they are.

Also, they are out of Queso. They did not expect to get slammed today.


So the wait was more 2 hours than the 1.5 estimate.

These folks got SLAMMED today. They ran out of queso, sauces, and a couple of other things.

They could not have been more nice or appreciative of the EaterLA piece (so thanks @FarleyElliott). They just expected to get slammed tomorrow rather than today.

On to the goods…

Original Breakfast Burrito

“Traditional” Philly cheesesteak…because they ran out of queso

The cheese pull on that breakfast burrito was nice! One of the chowpups said he’d have liked more cheese (but he is also an excessive little chowpup). The crispy tater tots retain their crunch, the eggs are rich and creamy…the sausage is okay. Drizzle on some of their slightly smoky and charred salsa for a refreshing hit and it’s a pretty good breakfast burrito.

The “traditional” Philly cheesesteak was also pretty tasty. I believe Chef is actually from Philadelphia so there’s a special place in his heart for this one. You actually are given the option to include lettuce and tomato if you want (I politely declined…this is a cheesesteak!). Steak is seasoned and well cooked. There’s a hit of grilled veg and a nice amount of melted cheese. The roll likely steamed in the box because I had to run home for a meeting, but I liked what I had.

I dropped off lunch to another chowpup at work and this was his response (it makes me chuckle):

Is it a destination? I’m not sure, yet. I’d like to give them a fair shake based on a day where the kitchen is fully stocked and is able to operate normally.

Would I drop by for one if I was in the neighborhood? Yes.

I’ll let the hypebeast run rampant for the next few weeks before coming back midweek for another try.


That’s a cheesesteak hoagie. :wink:

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At that point you mine as well get a chopped cheese.

Thanks for visiting attran99. That’s an insane wait time for breakfast burritos lol. The pics look great. Queso in a breakfast burrito is genius.