Breakfast business meeting west hollywood

Need a rec for a quiet place for a breakfast meeting in the West Hollywood area. Someplace where there is privacy and the ability to talk. Prefer to be south of Sunset.


How is Republique for breakfast? I assume not too crowded.


no idea… if you’re fine going that far i’d just go to

Neither quiet nor not too crowded. Basically the opposite of what you’re looking for.

Cavatina @ the Sunset Marquis

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Aussie transplant, Paramount Coffee Project looks like an interesting option More mid city than WeHo though…

Hugos during the week isnt super busy, ask to be seated in the back room. Or try one of the hotels in the area

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Republique is not quite as busy during the week for breakfast, as during the weekend, but the seating and atmosphere are a bit casual for a business meeting. The BLD suggestion is a good one – it is very quiet during the week, has excellent food, and I have had a number of business meetings there and always thought the setting worked well.