Brewed coffee maker

I own the same exact coffee maker. The guys at Portola said it was the best traditional coffee maker out there that didn’t include drip, pour over, Chemex, etc…

Which coffee maker? We’ve discussed various brands and models here. @richardr didn’t reply to any particular post.

So why don’t I post a non-spammy epilogue to my original post. We ended up with the
OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker. It works like a charm. My only complaint is that it can leak sometimes. When you take the carafe off the maker, the coffee sometimes drips out. A few drops here and there. Not a deal breaker for me but it was at first. I contacted OXO and they sent me a new basket. Still a drip here and there. I thought about returning it but then decided I can deal with a drip here and there. I do like the coffee that comes out of the machine. I realized how good it is when we went on a trip and used the coffee machine in the rental cabin. Same coffee tastes pretty different.

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Sorry was replying to your old response. They sell this at Portola and while they suggested I invest the time and money into pour over, Chemex, etc… the Portola guys recommended the Bonavita.

In my experience, water can make a difference even when I bring the coffee maker, grinder, filters, and beans I use at home.

That said, coffee made using flat-bottom filters is inferior to just about anything else.

Oh, the flat bottom filters just KILL coffee.

The other interesting thing I read when I was skimming the Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee book was coffee that’s ground in those cheap chamber grinders just ruin coffee. I think I read that you’ll might as well drink Folgers if you don’t grind in a burr grinder.

I used to use a blade chopper and it was better than Folgers, but a burr grinder gives significantly better flavor.

I found that freezing beans has no significant effect so long as they’re room temperature when ground.

I have a Bonivita, it’s the best coffee makers I have had so far by a long way. It is the 1900VTS. I got it after reading a review on this website.

I use a burr coffee grinder to make sure I get the right consistency for espresso vs latte (my two favorite drinks right now). But I need to get a new one I think, any recommendations?


Saw this crazy thing at Dandelion Chocolate in SF.

Fuck the Technivorm. Overflowed twice today.

I’m going back to the dead-simple Bonavita. They switched to flat-bottom filters so I bought a used one off eBay.

I normally do french press but I bought my parents the oxo eight cup and they bought one for me in return :rofl: great simple three button machine

If you like flat-bottomed filters.

Oh wow! I missed this post!

I prefer to cold brew my coffee, but for guests I have the original Ottomatic.

It is… AMAZING. I love it and it’s well worth the cost for me. It mimics a pour over so it starts with a bloom cycle and then a random full brewing cycle. I also am able to use any Chemex with it, including my handblown 3 cup

All that being said, I would not recommend this for an everyday set and forget brewer. Since I got the first version, I experienced very minor cracking at the base from prolonged heat at the base (They said the 2.0 version fixed this, but since the damage is minor, I haven’t replaced it). Nevertheless, now I am paranoid, so now when I use it for guests, I make my coffee, turn it off, and if there is any left over, I put it in a Carafe. We have this one which is AMAZING. It keeps thing hot for more than 24 hours!

As I mentioned, I seldom. Maybe about once a month during cold months and a few times in warmer when we have guests (Mexicans drink coffee after dinner). It’s served me well for years and I would totally buy it again.

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The Bonavita basically mimics pour-over into a thermal carafe. When brewing is finished you replace the filter basket with the lid, so there’s nothing to cause overflow unless you get a defective filter that backs up or the machine loses its mind and spews water out faster than it can go through the filter.

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Does anybody use the Bialetti mocha express anymore? I like to grind my beans fresh in the morning.Using a hand burr grinder .

I used a moka for some years but at some point decided I preferred drip. We have a little one that makes a demitasse. And a press pot for camping / traveling.

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I do— I have either the 6 or 9 cup (can’t remember right now) as my daily coffee pot. It makes one very large mug for me in the morning. I use a Baratza burr grinder— so not grinding by hand, but grinding right before brewing.

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I’m going to sell my Moccamaster CDGT. One sold on eBay for $157.50 plus shipping. If I sold it for that, eBay would charge me $20.62, so I’d get $136.88. Interested? Make me an offer.