Brickhouse BBQ - Morro Bay

Good place. Ribs cooked right, good beans and coleslaw, no inappropriate use of sugar. I prefer my BBQ smokier, but this was smoky enough.

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those ribs don’t really look “right” to me. almost went there this past weekend… then really explored the photos and many showed dry ribs and old brisket

Maybe they’re inconsistent. The ribs I had were good, albeit trimmed more than I prefer.

right must be… they just reheat leftover ribs and that’s what happens… it’s tough to control that kind of food quantity i guess

We were there at lunchtime, the ribs tasted like they were freshly smoked. You can buy a single rib.

Yea I don’t doubt your experience. I’ll try one day, just got discouraged when researching. I just dropped a review from the area in this section also.