Bridgetown Roti - Arts District

Bridgetown Roti is a Caribbean food pop-up that’s cooking out of a commissary kitchen in Arts District called Craft Kitchen. It’s right down the street from the now closed Bon Temps.

This is my first time trying their food but they definitely deserve their own thread. I’m actually surprised that I couldn’t find anything about this place on FTC.

aunt vie’s cod fish cakes
Yes, they do look too dark. Perhaps the oil needs to be changed? But no matter. These are scrumptious. These balls are slightly crispy on the outside and soft and moist like a cloud on the inside. They remind me a bit of salt cod croquettes.

oxtail and peppers patties | curry braised oxtail, green pepper sofrito
Fantastic stuff. The crust is darn flaky and as much as I hate saying “melt in your mouth”…the braised oxtail fillings are darn flavorful and really does melt in your mouth! Ordering this is a must. I think fans of Nicole Rucker’s handpies wouldn’t be disappointed with this.

red pepper goat roti wrap | smoked goat shoulder, roasted peanut sauce, fried weiser potatoes, tumeric spiced slaw
The goat shoulder, like the oxtail, is also cooked perfectly and plenty juicy with a hint of smokiness. They don’t skimp on the meat so it’s only natural that the piquant spiced slaw is needed to balance things out. If you’re looking for a kick, the accompanied fresno mango marsala doesn’t disappoint and its hint of mango tropical flavor adds another wrinkle to this tasty wrap.

Bridgetown Roti

672 S Santa Fe Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90021



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The patties look packed with filling! I’ve been meaning to try them for awhile because I’ve heard great things—great to have your reco too!

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They got some good press recently from tejal rao and kcrw good food.

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This looks really excellent!

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had me at oxtail and peppers patty, thanks for the report.

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Get the oxtail patty. It’s unctuous in the most pleasing way.


That does not look like the beef patty I grew up eating at pizzerias in the 80s and 90s. We used to put pepperoni in them too.

Oops, forgot to come here for a post back in October. Great report and photos @moonboy403!

In addition to that unctuous oxtail and peppers patty…

After eating both the patty and a roti, it is clear that Chef Holmes has a way with dough. The roti recently picked up and shown here is Mom’s curry chicken roti ($14), and suddenly you are envious of whomever this mom belongs to.

That first bite is of the sort that makes your brow furrow in disbelief of the enjoyment your taste buds are having. Among bites of dark meat laced with turmeric in a not-too-saucy curry are blue potatoes that are far tastier than the standard spuds you might normally find in curries. For a texture crunch, both cabbage and scallions can be found within the silky, buttery wrap.


I had this as well and forgot to post.

The goat roti and cod fish cakes were something I would order again. The garlic sauce they give you for the cod is excellent, reminded me of a bunuelo de bacalao. The jerk cucumbers were nice as well. I wasn’t a fan of their green curry shrimp pattie so I’d probably go with choice in the oxtail. The goat roti has a ton of meat and nice flavor, it is quite substantial. Love the chunks of meat, I can’t stand when the meat is stringy or chopped too small, and this was definitely not the case here.

Goat roti

Shrimp pattie

Cod fish cakes - they give you the chives on the side

Jerk cucumber salad

Don’t be afraid of the sauces, they are not very spicy at all.


@EattheWorldLA @A5KOBE Glad to see the positive impressions!

@A5KOBE What didn’t you like about the shrimp patty? I was gonna try that next.

It just sounded much better than it tasted. I was expecting a flavor explosion and it ended up being pretty mild. Also wished the shrimp flavor was more apparent.

It wasn’t bad, just was expecting more intense Jamaican flavor.

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Red alert :rotating_light: if you’re in the area you only have 5 hours left to order the Curry Channa Doubles. Chef Holmes doesn’t make these every week and this weekend they’re only available on Sunday.

2021 is still young, but add the goat and you’ve got one of the best bites I’ve had this year.

I also recommend Ana’s Flan if you’re looking to take it over the top and end the meal with something sweet.


Red Pepper Goat with Peanut Sauce Roti (in bowl form)

This is a transcendent. I know they say the curry chicken is their most popular, but as @moonboy403 and @A5KOBE have pointed out, this is the one to get. The meat is juicy with a deep, spiced flavor that’s cut by an acidic slaw. The potatoes are a bit of a filler, but it was also a good way to soak up and deliver all the flavors going on here. I’d recommend the fresno mango masala as a happy medium sauce, and as a bowl, the roti comes on the side if you’re looking to make sure it travels well.


Available at Wexler’s in GCM this week.

Full menu here (but that looks like the only special collab):


Just had lunch here and woah! Talk about a trip to the islands. The food definitely isn’t “traditional”, but is no doubt delicious and packed with flavor. We got cod fish cakes, a red pepper goat roti, a mom’s curry chicken, and the ginger beer. Highly recommend!


This was some good ass shit. Best Caribbean food I’ve ever had. Much higher standard of preparation than any Jamaican restaurant I’ve tried (all of them in LA, I think?). Gives Shiku and Holy Basil a run for best new restaurant in DTLA. Food ranged from “pretty good” (chickpea bowl) to delicious (chicken roti). I loved all of the three sauces.

The folks on this site have the best food tastes of anyone I’ve ever known.


They’ve got Curry Lobster today.

Will report back :drooling_face:


I went yesterday, too! In keeping with my theme, I ordered quite a bit and hoped for lunch leftovers. My house has one shellfish allergy, and one person who is dairy senstive + isn’t crazy about meat. We are also a benign dictatorship with me doing almost all of the menu decision making. :slight_smile:

Curried Yam and Mango with coconut - with habanero.

Garlic trini eggplant and scallion - ordered mild

Smashed jerk cucumber salad

Mom’s Curry Chicken Wrap - medium

Pumpkin Choka Roti wrap - medium

Grilled bok choy with coconut chutney

Sweet plaintains

The yam/mango was ordered hot with pineapple habanero, the garlic eggplant was ordered mild and the bok choy and cucumber salad did not have a spicing question. I thought the smashed jerk cucumber salad was the hottest thing received and SO GOOD. I wonder if the ingredient also play a part in my taste buds?

The chicken wrap didn’t register. There were also small take out portions of hot sauce that I didn’t put on the food, so maybe I had the opportunity to self-sauce? Verdict: I’ll return.

The ordering is online only - and the food was ready when they said. Easy-peasy.


Heads up: they are putting up a one night only 6 course meal. (only five courses were listed in their email…)

First course: shrimp with escabeche
cucumber, mango, plantain, green seasoning

second course: green tomato and coconut soup
fried pholourie, curry oil

third course: smoked kabocha squash
puffed pigeon peas, scallion chili

grilled bok choy
coconut chutney, cashew yogurt, cilantro

fourth course: jerk pork belly and grits
ackee, pickled collard greens, okra

fifth course: passion fruit and pineapple cake
tamarind whip