Bridgetown Roti - Arts District

Ambitious flavor profiles and ingredients. I’d be interested in hearing (or reading) about how well it all comes together.

Warrior: I am a fan. Flavorful, quality cooking. I wish they would wrap the roti tighter so it is a cohesive and balanced whole (and also so it isn’t so messy to eat). The cohesiveness of the Burritos La Palma burrito is what makes it special (I mention that because we saw Burritos La Palma at Smorgasburg today).

Peony: This food was perfect for a Sunday brunch. I like the combination of the vegetables and the spices, and both wraps tasted good. The sweet potato - mango patty was not as flavorful as I expected. I agree with Warrior that the wraps were a bit too loose, because I struggled to keep them together while taking the photos and eating. Hence, pardon the messy pictures.