Bringing Mexican wine in from Baja

There are some decent values. Here are some notes from a visit to GDL in 2012:


L.A. Cetto Nebbiolo: this is is my ex-pat friend’s everyday wine. Reliable, good, relatively reasonable price. Too oaky for me.

  • Monte Xanic Chenin Blanc: off-dry, good acid, if I’d tasted blind I’ve have taken it for a Vouvray. Great if you like that style. I don’t know what it cost in Mexico but it’s $12 at Baja Wines in San Diego.
  • Badan Chasselas de Mogor 2010 12.3% $263 ($20): could pass for French, fruity, tart, simple, everyday southern style
  • Viñas Pijoan Silvana 2011 (48% Sauvignon Blanc, 40% Chenin Blanc, Moscatel 12%) 11.6% $228 ($17): Could pass for Sonoma, similar value; fruity nose, fruity and slightly Maasia-herbal on palate, tart, dry finish
  • Viñas Pijoan Paulinha 2010 (55% Zinfandel, 15% Merlot, 15% Petite Sirah, 15% Barbera) 13.3% $228 ($17): delicate, tasty, food-friendly


  • Casa de Piedra Espuma de Piedra Barbera (blanc de noirs) NV 12.5% $390 ($29): lovely pinkish-orange color, cava-like nose, a bit sweet on the palate, slightly grapefruity sour-sweet finish; okay but way overpriced
  • JC Bravo Palomino 2011 10.6% $186 ($14): somewhat herbal / rosemary nose like Malvasia; light, fruity, very dry, slight tannin & acid, slightly oxidized? But not unpleasantly so; slightly piney finish; if tasted blind, would probably have guessed Greek. Not reminiscent of Spanish Palominos I’ve had
  • Viñas de Garza Blanco del Rancho Mogorcito 2011 (Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay) 12.5% $263 ($20): good gooseberry / cat pee, nice acid, tasty, pleasant, could pass for Napa / Sonoma, similarly (over)priced


Thanks For the great intel. One question why are the bottle prices less than the case price? I.e. its cheaper to buy by the bottle than by the case?

Those are pesos and dollars, not cases and bottles.

Ahh . . . I should have known

Is there anyplace in San Diego to buy Bichi wines?

They seem to have some California distribution, as wine-searcher finds that Solano Cellars in Berkeley has one in stock.

Mission wines in Pasadena seems to carry them, but I’m not sure about San Diego.

Thanks. They’re apparently sold out.

The Casa de Piedra Espuma de Piedra Barbera is now less pricy: $19.95 instead of $29, you can find it in Vintage Wines or :wink:

The price per bottle is always more pricy than by case, but Californian plates can only bring 1 bottle from Mexico (It’s 4 bottles for other states plates)

Just learned about another place where a limited selection of VdG wines can be obtained locally:

They mostly ship ($15 flat rate), but I believe you can also walk in to buy. Their warehouse is at 4060 Morena Blvd, near Avati St.

Funny coincidence, I was in my favorite wine bar in Oakland the other night and happened to sit next to the guy who distributes Bichi in California. So now I know how to get it.

Care to share?

If I manage to get my hands on some.

I take it that Bichi makes bitchin’ wines? Such as?

The 2014 Nebbiolo tinto is the only one available in California.

Your local retailer can order it from Keven Clancy:

Ha! That would be nice. I meant sharing with the rest of us on how to obtain.

I had my local retailer order it from Keven. Click the link for his contact information.

OT, I guess, but it’ll be interesting to hear early reports about the new western pedestrian crossing at the border.

New since I was there last month?

Yes. It was open to the press yesterday, and will be open to the public July 15. (Somehow I misread the article yesterday and remembered July 5.) It’s being called PedWest. It looks to be a much nicer crossing. The existing “east” pedestrian crossing will continue to operate, but with fewer staff.