Brothers Sandwich - Koreatown

Dropped by today for lunch after discovering it. Surprisingly good though not particularly cheap.

I had myself a turkey + provolone sandwich with lettuce, peppers, avocado, pesto, and truffle aioli on white. Marinated peppers are very good, pesto and aioli are also excellent, though the aioli could use a lighter touch. All meats are Boar’s Head, thus decent (or, at least, better than Subway and Jimmy Johns, the only two other sandwich options in the area), portion is substantial. Bread is crusty but not hard - quite good too.

Large was $9, enough food. Specialty sandwiches are $11.50 but have more meat. At that price point it’s tempting to say screw it and go to Kobawoo for their Bulgogi lunch special, but for $9 it’s one of the better options in the area.


3278 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020


Thanks for the heads up (I haven’t noticed this newish place)! Right next to the old Cassell’s location. I’ll have to give it a try soon.

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Had a chance to pop by Brothers Sandwich today for lunch. I got the Italian (regular size): prosciutto, capicola, salami, mozza, ham, marinated red peppers, pepperocini, olive oil and balsamic. They are generous with the meats (they have a larger size, but the reg was more than fine for me). I thought the balsamic was a little sweet so I’ll see if they can sub olive oil next time instead. All-in-all it was a very good Boar’s Head Italian sandwich.

The folks working there were really nice. The specials of the day sounded good as well (a bahn mi and roast beef/pastrami dip). The storefront is very small with a couple of tables and an even smaller 2 seat counter. They do delivery in the immediate area as well as curbside pickup (great for weekday lunches for those who work close by). Nice to have a good basic lunch time sandwich option in the neighborhood


so a “basic” boar’s head ital sub for $9? SMFH.

edit: Plato’s chix waffle “lunch” is $9.

based on size of sandwiches, seems like reasonable QPR

The California (regular)

My work charges $9.25 for an oven roasted turkey club that’s way smaller than that :frowning:

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yeah well, welcome to 2016.

It’s actually $8.50. A similar sandwich in Ktown @ BOO’s is $8.95 and mostly pepperoni (no proscuitto and the bread is not as good and the sandwich is not as good overall). I’m from Boston and sometimes I just need a simple Italian sub.

The only better Italian sandwich within a couple mile radius is the Mortadella, proscuitto, salami & provolone panini @ Mozza2go and thats $14 last time I got one.

even a regular italian from Jersey Mike’s is about $10.

For $10, I’d rather go to Sopressata at Black Hogg and get their Italian Meats sandwich, which is within 2 miles, but not in Koreatown, admittedly.

I’ve never been to Black Hogg----I just checked out their menu and their “Italian Meats #88” sounds pretty good (but what’s w/ the mayo!!!). How’s their bread?

Bread is good, though I don’t believe they make it in-house. Basically a French Baguette.

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Roma is still $6.

That’s a simple Italian sub. Does not meet your “couple mile radius” req though, sadly. Then again, I’d rather not eat it at all.

Last I checked, Boar’s Prez had a weekend house on Long Island and drove an AMG wagon parked inside a n Upper Westside garage. He doesn’t need any more $, AFAIC.

sometimes you want a little more than just bread/meat/cheese/oil. I say that having eaten 3 Roma sandwiches in the past 12 hours.

oh btw they were serving the sandwich on ciabatta bread yesterday - don’t do it, Roma’s ciabatta is terrible.


I don’t get out that way very often.

I’m certainly not saying that Boars Head is top quality Italian deli meat—it is what it is. In this case it was convenience over quality (and the sandwich was good for this sort of thing). If getting the best Italian sandwich in LA was my goal last Saturday, I would have expected to drive somewhere else to get one.

I’ll have to check that out next time I find myself craving an Italian sandwich while in Silverlake during lunch time. Thanks!

UGH. THIS +11. Why hasn’t anyone said mentioned THIS before? That ciabatta is worse than the crap served at Panera Bread.

it reminded me of the rye they serve at Katz.

Ciabatta marginally salvaged via further oil + balsamic.