Budget Bottles

I’ve found that too. It is the only booze I can’t find cheaper anywhere else than at TJ’s.

Thought I should mention (for all CA residents) that K&L is selling the Mount Gay Black Barrel for $13.99 and seems to have a ton in inventory. The black barrel is good enough to sip neat and at the same price as regular Mount Gay it would be foolish not to toss a few in the bunker. It originally retailed at a not-unfair $26.99. And it drinks a whole lot better than the Faultline (in-house label) blended single barrel (no idea what that even means) from a “mysterious island” that they’re shilling for $80.

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Ya mon! We’re gettin’ that. I just wish my Bajan uncle was still here to share it. Thanks @mrgreenbeenz.

Time to revive this thread.

I had this at Cannibal happy hour the other night.

Edmunds St. John Bone-Jolly Gamay 2015

It has a screw top! Retails at ~$25. A very good, affordable gamay wine.


Curious why you put that ! after screw top?

Because I always appreciate someone that doesn’t feel the need to do things because “that’s the way it’s done, because that’s the way it has always been done”.

I thought screw tops had been around for so long there was no longer even a convo about them.

Plumpjack seemed to dare people twenty years ago!


Never underestimate the uninformed.

Reposting to the correct thread…

Hey @Nemroz - any recommendations for bottles to help forget yesterday’s Arsenal game?

I love Bone-Jolly, but I can get great Beaujolais Villages for less.

I always open to suggestions for good wine for less but, please remember, I live in Los Angeles. We don’t have racks and racks of brilliant wine at the local supermarket. Which makes me crazy, considering we’re just five hours down the road from you.

i’m still recovering. i’d go for some Morgon from Domaine LA. They also have a really nice natural Primitivo from Puglia and an art noveau label


You have K&L.




Love me some K&L, have 8 bottle order waiting for me to pick up. Step up the Beuj game though, Roberto!

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A fantastic champagne fine is the Andre Robert at Du Vin Wine on San Vacente at $44.99. Du Vin is surprisingly reasonable and I believe almost exclusively deals direct with small producers and not through distributors.

Although I seldom drink Gin anymore, I agree that Gordons was a very good value.

For Vodka I like Titos and Costco is a great value and some claim from Grey Goose.

Tequilla got to go with Casa Amigos

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Have you been to Los Angeles Wine? It’s kinda hidden, tucked away by the 90/Culver Blvd. It’s small, but there’s a really good range of options price-wise. And they’ve always been more than happy to walk me through the store and talk through their favorites. I was actually there today with the goal of only trying bottles around $10 , and without batting an eye, they had a bunch of recommendations.

4935 McConnell Ave Suite 8
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Same. Pretty dang solid for the price.

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Just bought a half dozen bottles of Domaine De La Milliere Vdp De Vaucluse 2013 for $8 each - a local importer had a special. Drink one down, pass it around … 5 left. Well worth even more than $8 :wink:


If you really want to talk budget, Im a bit embarrassed to admit it but the Quail Creek Chard at Whole Foods is surprisingly drinkable at $5 ish.


Sloanes is my current favorite Gin

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La Finca Malbec, $4 at Trader Joe’s, best wine I’ve had at that price in a while.

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