**bulgarini dinner - saturday, june 16th at 7pm - save the date**

Leo is working on price, number of participants, and other details. More information coming soon.


going to need a hall pass from the famalam

Darn, well I’m out. I was hoping for a summer (and later summer) date. I’ll just have to dine vicariously through the dinner reports :wink:

drat…outta town…maybe next time :wink:

Just realized this is the night before Father’s Day. No can do for me. Bummer.

It’s Saturday in June… so sadly we have a wedding! Look forward to the report!!


I see who is not going, but not who is. :slight_smile: Is this still happening?

This date is problematic for many people. I’m really hoping this is first in a 3 installment series of FTC @ Bulgarini to accommodate all the different people. First group can be our guinea piggies

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Okay, I’ll wait for the count or go another time. It is a good place for a meet-up.

That ship has already sailed.

Many of us have already done multiple dinners before with Leo. It’s a time-tested, solid meal.


There’s boating too!?

If this is still on I’m a solid maybe.

All aboard the FTC Love boat.

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I’ll bring the roofie coladas.

That’s gross.

I use the top shelf stuff, don’t worry.

Drink away.

Still waiting on Leo to confirm price and other details for 6/16. Date is firm. Thanks for your patience.


Now, Leo is postponing the dinner to June 23.

Dinner will be priced at $100 inclusive of tax and tip and limited to 20 people. Payment will be required in advance. Wine pairings ($35 inclusive) and wine by the glass will be available payable on site.

Ipse, could you put out another poll for that date? Many thanks.