Bulgarini Gelato is still killing it

I hit up six scoops the other night. the true winner was the fucking hazelnut gelato.

I tried a taste of the fucking gorgonzola and the goat’s milk with cocao nibs but both were way too funky and overpowering for my cautionary pedestrian tastes.

The chocolate with sea salt was great and the chocolate chip too.

Curiously empty though, like a fucking ghost town.

I think savory gelatos generally do not work well.

Even the ubiquitous “salty caramel” is a loser for me.

Someone said the gorgonzola is really for wine tastings/pairings, not necessarily “meant” to take down like one would,say, a nociolla or strachiatella.

i think i had three of those tonight: llorentine chocolate. pomegranite & almond,

they’re’ making pumpkin for halloween

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they work better paired with a fruity gelato like the plum. pomegranite or the lemon cream

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I’m going this afternoon for the first time (and I’m going to try the pasta, as well). It’s helpful to hear to that the savory flavors might not be the best choice…

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Awesome paranoid. :smile:

They let you sample, so try out some flavors first.


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Don’t be afraid to try the less than orthodox flavors, pgl… Leo is so on his game that every single damn flavor is worth trying. Hell, I hated gorgonzola cheese before - That is, UNTIL I tried his gorgonzola gelato.

I find Bulgarini’s nutty flavors (hazelnut, pistachio, etc.) to be especially terrific.

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Sampled the hazelnut and almond. Decided to go w/ almond + plum. Really wonderful stuff. I actually drank the melted almond gelato (hot day, you know), it was so good.

I actually thought the florentine chocolate + salt was good (but I’m not a huge chocolate ice cream/gelato kind of guy). @J_L_: I think the gorgonzola is good for a non-gorgonzola lover since it only has a hint of the cheese flavor (which is appropriate, I think).

And the gnocchi was truly fantastic. So light and delicate. Virtually dissolved in my mouth. I decided to buy his tomato sauce (instead of his meat sauce, which is what I had on the gnocchi) since he says he likes that one better. For me, I think the meat sauce could’ve been just a touch more highly seasoned.

At any rate, I wished I lived closer b/c this place is delightful.


Oh, BTW, wanted to add the owner (I assume he’s the owner) seems like a sweetheart.

think of it like a fruit/cheese plate. balance it with a fruit (and put the fruit on the bottom so you finish with it, and i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

i found the florentine good but overly rich - i wouldn’t finish with it.

I would drive all the way to Altadena for his Gorgonzola crema. YUM

Thanks for the idea! As CiaoBob mentioned, he’s doing wine pairings, so I think the gorgonzola would well in that context.

Agree that the florentine is very rich; the sample I had was a large enough portion for me!

Ok you’re making me feel bad. I live right down the street (All the way out in Altadena) and have been once. Fun friendly place though