Burger Alley - El Segundo

In a 2 mile stretch on Sepulveda from Imperial to Rosecrans
In N Out
Five Guys
The Habit
Shake Shack

I’ve never had Hopdoddy but hear its pretty good. Not taking price into consideration I would pick Shake Shack then Houstons.

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That would be the ideal place for the West Coast flagship of White Castle to show up.

Also needs a Fatburger and a Tommy’s to round out the perfect 10.


If you stretch the distance out on Sepulveda they also have a Simzys and a Humble Potato which also both make mean burgers


Hopdoddy is terrible. Went twice and both times were terrible. Avoid.


Haven’t been but they have a decent tap list as well. It’s on my list.

Meh. They are there to serve the workers in that stretch. It’s astounding dense during the week. Personally I would still rather go to Petit Cafe for a Gyro or if I really want a Burger, I go to Corner Burger in Lawndale. I haven’t been to Burger City Grill, but I’ve heard it’s pretty good things…

Second this. On top of overpriced bad food, the set up to order, get seated and served is stupendously idiotic. It’s almost like they set out to make the experience as painful as possible.

I’ve also heard the same thing from a co-worker who likes burgers. But our work outings usually means we drive right past there and go for Tokyo Central :smiley:

Is b&r burger still around? They used to do an awesome royale burger although my recollection is hazy as that was over 10 years ago when I frequented the South Bay.

Great! I’ll have to make the effort to try soon… Has you CW been to Corner Burger? It’s one of my favorite burger shacks in the city. Great specials. Good folks!

Interesting. I went to the one in Fashion Island about a year ago and thought it was pretty good. Then again, what do I know. I found Shake Shack (Hollywood) totally meh. Not sure what I’m missing about that place or if it was just an off night.

Thanks this wasn’t really on my radar but very close to work.

We walked in for lunch one day and walked out. The line seemed overwhelming but its sounds like a logistically nightmare.

OMG, all those places are horrible. Now that place called McDonalds, is the bomb!

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Isn’t that the new place doling out fine Scottish cuisine? L.A. is ripe for a decent haggis joint in 2019.


Yeah. It’s my favorite place in the area. Also the Chinese Food Place is good for American Style Combos. No steam table, they make everything fresh…

So with Jase’s confirmation of Burger City. I had a hankering and went to check it out after passing it by years…

First the spot of convenient right off the 405 on Artesia. The vibe is fast food not fast casual. They have a drive thru. You pick up your burger.

The prices are also reflective of it. Their basic burger is $4.25. Not much more than a double double. This is not a tiny burger and it comes with plenty of toppings. I chose to add Chili which they claimed to make in house. The price jumped by $3. So my meal with a side of fries was a hair over $7 (they have a Soda Machine that has fizzy soda water so that was free)

Their fries are hand cut and fried from fresh. This also impressed me because they are cut a bit thicker. They came out hot and well cooked. Not super crisp but worlds better than In and Out.

Overall I enjoyed the burger a lot. The patty was thick and well seared and seasoned. It stood up well with the toppings up to the last bite. It was composed very well. Just enough chili, pickles, onions and lettuce. This is where it sets itself apart from other fancy fast food burger places. The lettuce is not shredded…

Overall, I really liked it! The chili was more Wendy’s style than Tommy’s, not real heat or spice but meaty and not greasy. Really made most of the charts burger. I also liked the basket they provide since it allows for easy chili and burger drippings to go into waiting fries. I think I like Corner Burger a little better, although for everything they are trying to do they are pulling off well.


No! We don’t do burgers as frequently these days, not sure if that’s good or bad :thinking: I’m sure she won’t complain at all if I mention a burger run.

I see Corner Burger is open at 7 a.m. I think I know where I’m going tomorrow for my Friday breakfast burrito. :grin:

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of their problems is inconsistency. The elements are there for a good burger. Our party of 8 ordered an assortment of burgers and sides and the opinions ranged from meh to OMG, that was bad.

It’s just so stupid, it’s set up to try and create a buzz and after reading about how they did it originally in Austin, I get that they think it helps, but it just pisses me off. First you have that stupid velvet line approach to just line up and get through the door.

Then once you’re through the door, you still have to stand in line to get to the cash registers to order. But you also have a separate person asking how many in your party. You are then escorted to your table and if you’re paying separately because it’s pay at the register when you order, that means multiple numbers for your table, while you’re being escorted.

You get seated and your “waiter” informs you that they will deliver the food for you and check to see how you’re doing but that’s all their going to do. They point you towards the soda fountain machine and condiments and tell you to get your own drinks and refills.

It’s just such a stupid mix of fast casual, table service and wanna be clubbing exclusivity. If the burgers were great, I’d even put up with some of it, but no.

Yay! That makes two burger places in the Southbay I have to try now. With partner and I now working in the South bay, we certainly have a lot more opportunity to go exploring without fighting traffic as much.

The one on Rosecrans? Yes, they are. I haven’t been in years though

Thanks for the recommendation. Gyro was very good. Good flavor and not too salty. Very tightly well wrapped and not soaking with juices at the bottom. It’s very crowded at lunch and a lot of turnover.

Next up is the Chinese place next door. Anything in particular you liked there?

Glad you liked it! They have excellent turn over and use lots of fresh veggie so it makes a HUGE difference.

For the chinese food place, they usually have a few specials, so I’ll get Chicken with Zuchini or mixed Veg. Anything Stir fried that isn’t noodles. If I have my choice of anything on the menu it would be Jade Shrimp. VERY good. Again, just like Petit, they have good turn over so their veggie items are always fresh.