Burgers or tacos north Hollywood

Going to north Hollywood tonight around 9pm. Any good burgers or burritos, tacos?

Tacos Manzano is the standard bearer for $1 taco Tuesday, but Salsa and Beer is your best bet if you can deal with a wait.

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Was going to say Bill’s but they close early!!

Not a burger but I kinda been eyeballing the sloppy joes at Idle Hour.

The Fat Dog has a good burger, although the bun always falls apart. Just west of there, in Studio City, Laurel Tavern and the Tuning Fork both have excellent burgers. For tacos I like Tacos La Fonda, a truck that parks in the car wash at Vanowen and Victory, or Rigo’s Tacos on Vanowen just east of Tujunga.

That would be Vanowen at Vineland. Vanowen and Victory are parallel.

True thanks

Late for the OP, but Tacos El Venado truck on Victory/Vineland is solid. There are usually a couple of other trucks in the area too, though my favorite (Tacozone–apparently unrelated to the one in Echo Park) doesn’t appear to come around any more. Crown Burger on Lankershim was good and huge back in the day, but I haven’t been in years.

This wasn’t what you asked, but there are also a ton of great thai places in NH.

I ended up eating at home. Going to try Tacos La Fonda tho.

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I’m late to the party but I am a solid +1 on Salsa and Beer.

One of my favorites in the SFV!

It has long been on my list of SFV places to try, but sadly I rarely get out there.
I have mentioned/suggested Salsa + Beer to my brother (who lives in Philly, and has a kid at Woodbury U. in Burbank). He says every time he tried to go it is impossible to get near the place (long lines), even just to park!

I have driven away empty handed @ Salsa & Beer more times than I can count. Both locations.


I have driven away empty-handed a gazillion times too. The best place to park in desperation is the Home Depot down the street.

Uber/Lyft maybe.

I used to use the NOWAIT app to tell me how crowded it was. But now pretty much I just expect to go at 1-3pm during the week and take time off from work.

Amazing. With such a successful business model you’d think they would expand more. Seems like a cash cow.

Yeah, you’d think.

Drove by today at 1:30, not many people waiting outside but line of cars for the lot as usual.