Business dinner in Brentwood - Tavern?

Taking a client out to dinner. Prefers American or Italian. Is Tavern the place in Brentwood/Santa Monica or are they better, more fun options. Not big drinkers.

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We had a breakfast meeting in that atrium area, and it was a perfect setting and the food/service were also up to par.

I can’t imagine dinner service being anything but equally appropriate, if not better.

Tavern is an excellent choice for a Brentwood business dinner. I also like Amici and Wilshire (the latter is in Santa Monica, but at the eastern edge).

Tavern is a good choice if you specify the atrium when you reserve. For Italian, Vincenti.

I think Tavern is great. However, the one time I went, noise was a bit of an issue (although we also had a large-ish group, so that might’ve complicated things). It’s not the very loud noise you get at many other places (Cassia, for example), but there is some sort of background noise which can make it hard to hear someone unless they’re directly across from you (the dining room was also quite crowded when we were there). Food and service were excellent.

If more casual would be acceptable, then Maradentro (which just opened) might work. Young-ish crowd (upwardly mobile millenials). It’s upscale Mexican seafood. However, if someone else is footing the bill (i.e., your company), then I’d prefer Tavern by a large margin.

If ambiance is more important than food, Baltaire might be another option. The dining area are it utterly gorgeous, and the prices are very high. The food, however, is not good (it’s not horrible; it’s just not a place I would ever choose to eat at, esp at that price point). But I’m sure plenty of people would be sufficiently wowed by the interior to not notice the other deficiencies…

Agree that Tavern is an excellent choice. Nice variety on the dinner menu.

I love the patio at Wilshire…but the food doesn’t seems as good as it once was.
Anyone else notice that?
Thx for all comments on Tavern!