Business Lunch Between LAX and HB

I’m looking for a good spot to do a business lunch between LAX and Huntington Beach (Long Beach, perhaps?). Close to the 405 is better, but not critical. Thanks in advance!

Fishing with dynamite


LSXO would mean my client having to drive all the way down from LAX, but it’s on my short list of places to try.

FWD is a great idea. Thanks!

The original LXSO is literally across the street from FWD.

Stupid me. Thanks. I guess I need to venture out from behind the Orange Curtain more often.

FYI little sister MB is only open for lunch Fri-Sun

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I think it was more incumbent for someone who ventured outside of it more often to let you know that haha

There is a real paucity of good options between HB and LAX though.

It isn’t super business-y but it’s austere enough to work in LB for a simple meal: Number Nine. Simple clean food.

You could try out Restauration or James Republic in LB as well, but I recommend them second hand as foodie friends who live in LB like them, not because I’ve been.

I would almost say Playa Amor but it’s super close to HB…

You could always hit up Jongewaards if your client is more old school :smiley:



What day?

If Friday, then Manhattan Beach Post would be my choice.

All other weekdays, consider Spaghettini in Seal Beach.

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I remember the tables at MB Post being tiny and very crowded together? Is that not still the case… Don’t know how conducive that is to doing business. Although the food is great.

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Hence my post. :slight_smile:

And thank you for the recs!

I can’t believe this didn’t even cross my mind. Thanks!

Yes, the middle of the dining room is crowded, esp. the communal tables (obviously). But get a booth table along the wall, or a corner table, and you’re fine.

I’m sorry if this is too late, but I’ve had good luck with pre-airport lunches at Cafe Del Rey with out of town visitors (thanks to a recommendation from Westsidegal several years ago). It’s has decent food, a nice view and an environment suitable for talking (not loud, well spaced tables and non-rushed service). It was very well received by my guests both times, one of whom has very high end tastes and experiences.


Any new places to check out in Manhattan Beach for lunch? Both Little Sister (my preference) and MB Post are closed for lunch today. We’ll probably go to Fishing with Dynamite unless someone has a non-seafood spot they like. Thanks!

Darn…all my suggestions are not open for lunch today, either. I really like Love & Salt and my co-worker and his wife rave about The Strand House. Hope you can find an alternative.


Thanks @attran99. Yep, definitely a beach town. A lot of places in L.A. make more money at lunch than dinner (office workers). We’re thinking of going the extra miles to El Pollo Inka or Chicken Shack in Hermosa. I could get my Peruvian Chicken fix.

I’d suggest Pollo A La Brasa in Gardena on Vermont instead. Much better Peruvian chicken.

Edit: Nevermind. They’re closed today.


Yep, Pollo A La Brasa is delicious. There’s one on Western & 6th.

I do like the ones I mentioned too, not as in your face, but still yummy. I have a weird attachment to their salad dressing. It appears to be just vedge oil, white vinegar, salt & pepper, but I can never re-create it at home.


El Pollo Inka - Hermosa Beach


I enjoy a simple, warm bun with butter

Chicken Soup
Add extra aji sauce, dip a piece of buttered bun. :blush:

Pollo a la Brasa: Lunch Special ($9.99) for me and a Whole Chix, Big Salad & Fried Rice for hubby
The chicken was just okay.


Green Aji Sauce & Yellow (So Not Aji) Sauce
The green sauce was good, but when we asked for yellow aji sauce we received something that tasted like cold, bland, cheese sauce. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: They wanted to charge xtra for it too.

We always felt that El Pollo Inka and Chicken Shack tasted the same. But there are small differences that made a big difference to me. Inka’s chicken isn’t as flavorful, the rice not as moist, salad didn’t have corn and the simple dressing I love was a way too tart red wine vinegar & oil… and that yellow sauce! Horrible.

We stopped by Chicken Shack down the street to pick up the real Yellow Aji Sauce for our leftover chicken. :grin:


My husband ran inside to get it. When he came out he said he was skeptical about how good Chicken Shack is now. He said “They’re selling hamburgers and ribs now.” :confused: @thechez5 you may be right about sticking to Pollo A La Brasa.

Anyway, if their yellow sauce is any indication, then things are still tasting good! :yum:
See the difference: Chicken Shack left, Inka on the right.

I immediately got it out of that styrofoam.

Happy Peruvian Chicken Eating!


Hi @TheCookie,

It’s not Peruvian, but have you tried the rotisserie chicken at Chicken Maison? The spicy lemon garlic chicken, in particular? I highly recommend it the next time you’re here in the South Bay. There are 4 or 5 locations in the area.

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