C.D.P. - Commis's bar


To start, we ordered all the food items on the happy hour menu. Drank a nice Pfalz Riesling.


Olives were exceptionally good. Haven’t had pink peppercorns in years, nice subtle flavor. Mushrooms were nice.


I’m not sure I approve of topping oysters with shaved ice. Flavors were good but overpowered the oyster.


Croque-monsieur-ish sandwich was great. I scarfed a quarter of it before thinking to take the photo.


Popcorn was good as cold popcorn goes.


Gougeres filled with chicken liver mouse were fantastic. I’m likely to drop in for these any time I’m in the neighborhood at happy hour.

Didn’t get a picture of the trout roe. It was good, three small bites.


There’s something you don’t see every day. Still fresh and fruity after 20+ years. The bottle list (shared with the restaurant) is excellent and has some good values mixed in with the luxury items.


My friend thought the dressing overpowered the beef. I liked it, although it was less beefy-tasting than, say, Perbacco’s.

Didn’t get a picture of the house-made bread with chicken skin butter. The bread was remarkably light.


Trout was delicious but didn’t make much sense with the Chinon. The menu’s a bit short on things to go with red wine.

Service was friendly and polished. Quiet on a Wednesday, there were seats at the bar and tables open all night. Very pleasant place to spend a couple of hours. The bartender said it gets busy on weekends.


That looks nice. But remember when popcorn and nuts were free at bars? Sigh…

Maybe a dozen Oakland bars including Cafe Van Kleef and Kingfish have free popcorn. Quinn’s Lighthouse has free peanuts.

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