Cabo by way of SD & Tijuana

Heading down to Cabo San Lucas for a much needed vacation, and wondering what SD locals that enjoy TJ style tacos find interesting down in Cabo. For me, TJ seems to be all about the asada and adobada, which I love. Anyone know what the local find is in Cabo? I know there are lots of seafood places, but wondering what else might be a local specialty. We tend to generally avoid touristy places FWIW, not sure how possible that is in Cabo.
I post this in SD because I prefer the local opinion compared to those visiting Cabo from other parts of the US who probably have a far different view of excellent tacos.

I also saw that Cabo has a craft brewery, I will be sure to take a photo for Fakey.

Hola Krispy!!
Are you staying in Cabo or Los Cabo?

My fave in Cabo is Taco Loco…across from Giggling Marlin in a lovely plaza mariachi square.
One of the best hidden gems and its to the right when you walk thru the arch.
You can get 4 out of this world fish tacos with a bucket of Pacifico’s for under $10 bucks.
Salsa is epic…

Make sure you go to Slim Elbow Room for a shot and a beer…smallest bar in the world…LOVE this place and you can see my name written all over the place since the 90’s…hee hee

Make sure you go to the Office…on the beach, feet in the sand…food is quite good…chilequiles are delicious with a cold Pacific…
Swim right out front at Medano beach…gorgeous, clear water…view of arches.

You can take a water taxi…ha ha over from marina or where they weigh the marlin for about $3-5 pp and this is a great way to party without walking a lot…bring all your gear for the beach day…

Captain Tony’s on the marina is one of my faves for breakfast/lunch/dinner…2-3 fish taco with beer for $10 is one of the best and fish tacos ate huge and sublime!

Next door is Solomon’s Landing…they used to have one of the best happy hours with fresh off the boat fish tacos for a buck but don’t think they have HH anymore…their sushi bar next door is solid!

Was there for over a week in March and been going to Cabo for over 30+ years…
Rent a jeep and go north to Todos Santos…

Hola Ms. BC!

We are staying in Cabo right by The Office, ao that was our first stop last night for margaritas, shrimp cocktail, and chips and guac. It was a little different than how I remember, mainly the crappy TJ-style bar that is now next door with an idiot DJ barking 2 hours straight…even though the place wasn’t busy (I think it is the Mango Deck). House margaritas were $7.50 at the Office, surprisingly decent and didn’t taste like crappy pre-made mixers were used.

Off to hunt for tacos today!

You must be at one of the Pueblo Bonito resorts…
I prefer the Office for breakfast or lunch…nighttime is too much for me and I want to be sun and fun and then swim for a couple of hours to the left of the resto.

Go and check out my rec for the taco loco place in that Plaza Mariachi…outstanding street tacos…quesadillas and other gems…super cheap too!

There is a casino there now and won about a $100 on a jackpot…kind of fun at night.

There is a couple more places but just got back from vacay, so I’m trying to get my brain back in mode.
Squid Roe is a riot for dancing at night…hey Macarena!

yes, staying at the Rose. Heading to Solomans Landing and will be search for al pastor late night. Thanks for the suggestions!

Love the Rose…
After dancing to electronica and Macarena at Squiddy’s, my DH loves the al pastor tacos next to Squid Roe…El Gran Pastor…stand up place and kills it for their tacos…

Tacos Guss is a fave for the locals but I don’t think I’ve been there.
The local taco shops always gussy up tacos for me with radishes, salsa, avocado/guac and other veggies…da bomb!

Pepe’s is a great place between Los Cabos and Cabo…
Is the hurricane devastation still apparent in Los Cabos?

Have a blast and have a Pacifico for me with those great Mexican limes!