Cacio Pepe Bread at Milo + Olive

I have not been to M+O for quite while.
Stopped in and had lunch at the kitchen counter - hard to imagine a more lively place to spend an hour watching the cooking and prepping as well as the crowd.

New - and wonderful - dish to me was their CACIO E PEPE BREAD: herbs, sea salt, hazelnut romesco, garlic oil.
Crispy and tasty.


Just asked them about this, sadly it was taken off the menu a day ago.

I must say, I am not enjoying myself at Milo and Olive much.

I quite enjoy myself at Cassia, Rustic Canyon, Huckleberry and Esters…

But Milo and Olive doesn’t seem to be executing on the same level at all.

I’m still finishing off a bottle of wine as I type this; a fairly nice Montepulciano d’abruzzo. Although I find it a tad strange they don’t tell the servesr anything about the bottles, fortunately, I know that Cirellia Collina is a pleasant natural wine to drink on a lazy Wednesday afternoon.

And they were nice enough to take the garlic knot and the chopped salad off my bill so far. I’ll tip on both those dishes since at least the service is good.

But I just don’t get these dishes. I guess you aren’t supposed to eat the garlic in the garlic knot? This wasn’t explained to be at the time of ordering, though. I found myself chewing garlic skins and a sort of limp mush that was mostly flavorless, yet somehow heavy and pungent at the same time… it made me sick in the attempt to ingest it.

The chopped salad had some nice pickled peppers and pepperoni, but the so-called red wine viniagrette was beyond flavorless. I actually tried sucking on some pieces of “dressed” veggies to see if I could detect any flavor and got nothing.

I feel bad sending back 2 out of 2 dishes, and they said I maxed out my comps. So I am just finishing off the bottle of wine by itself.

Feel strange. I was really hoping I could trust in the general restaurant group for tasty food to go with interesting/fun wine.

At least the service is pretty solid. I just don’t get the food here at all, though.

I haven’t been to M+O in a few months (if not a year), but, to be fair, it’s not really priced anywhere close to Cassia, is it?

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Not at all close in price but I do think something is going on there. I’ve heard they’ve had a lot of head chef turn over there.

Even though they are not as good as in the past they seem to be always busy

Yeah, Cassia is strangely expensive. M+O also doesn’t really offer like main dishes, just pizza and pasta. I wouldn’t describe it was super cheap, though. It’s priced at least as highly as Huckleberry, and Huckleberry executes much better tasting food despite not being priced as highly as Cassia.

I wiouldn’t describe M+O as cheap, either. I just consider Cassia VERY expensive.

I very much like Huckleberry, but they can fall strangely flat on certain things (had their breakfast burrito once, which was VERY disappointing).

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Oh, hmm, I didn’t realize Cassias was that expensive. Well for the area, anyway. I suppose that’s kind of subjective, though, of course.

I haven’t actually been back to Huckleberry in a while. Funnily enough the last time I was there I had the breakfast burrito, and thought it tasted pretty good! Kind of high priced for a bb, and on the mild side of the spectrum, but not horrible. Maybe they are also going downhill, though.

Hopefully, the maple bacon biscuits are still as good as ever though?