Cake Shop Top 3

Chinatown fav of my friends when we worked Downtown was Amy Bakery.
Switched to Kee Wah when she moved and that became more convenient.

Speaking of Phoenix Bakery and the aforementioned Porto’s. That Milk & Berries cake I had recently reminded me of PB’s Strawberries & Whipped Cream Cake.

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Can we see some personal Top 3s please

You’re asking for Top 3 Cake Shops to pop into without reservations. I presume this is for an after-dinner dessert and not to buy a whole cake? I ask because my Top 3 for a slice of cake after dinner and my Top 3 cakes, period, aren’t the same.

Just give me cake. 3 cake

Well, okay, that’s different than your OP.

I have more than a few fave cakes. Here’s three:

  • ST Patisserie & School (Tustin) - Lemon Layer Cake
  • Republique (Mid-City) - Basque Burnt Cheescake
  • Sweet Lady Jane (WeHo) - Princess Cake

Happy Cake Hunting! :cake:

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  1. Birdie Gs – Malted Chocolate Layer Cake
  2. Proof Bakery – Triple Layer Chocolate Cake
  3. Diamond Bakery – Chocolate Racetrack Cake

Angel Maid Bakery is our favorite. Strawberries and cream is the best one, unless you like chocolate cake, then that is the best one.

  1. gjusta - cjarrot cake
  2. gjusta - cjarrot cake
  3. gjusta - cjarrot cake
    3a. animal - tres leches


Frances Patisserie in South Pasadena (Japanese-French cakes)

:heart: the triple berry cake at Sweet Lady Jane, but dislike their coconut layer cake ‘cuz frosting too heavy (I don’t know if Ralph’s on Olympic and Barrington does this anymore, but they sold me a stale slice that had been in their freezer for several weeks.)

Chaumont Bakery in BevHills, limited refrigerated cake slices, but very good (I used them for clients).

BTW - I’m ISO of yummy coconut layer cakes. Magnolia Bakery’s was decent, but frosting was meringue. Does anyone in SoCal make it with whipped cream frosting like some San Francisco Russian bakeries used to do in the ‘80’s?


Vanilla Bake Shop (multiple locations) - they have my favorite simple chocolate cake - it’s dark, dense, moist and not too sweet.

Bon Temps in Arts District - whatever loaf they have is awesome - dense, moist, and they do really great fruit and nut flavors. I think one of their regular loaves is a banana bread which has a great burnt caramel kinda edge to it.

Big Sugar Bakeshop in Studio City - yeah they’re definitely sweet, as the name says. I actually like their pies better than cakes, but they make decadent cakes.

And a bonus pick for a solid $0.99 slice of chocolate gooey cake - IKEA! I mean, if you’re in the area, and for the price, it’s pretty damn good. Sure it’s a little sweet, but the dab of whipped cream really helps.

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I second the request for a good lead on coconut layer cake. I had several versions while visiting Charleston SC that were outstanding, and would love to find some place here that does it well.

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It’s very clear to me that I didn’t frame this topic and question well

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We only read the title and began discussion immediately. Ya know. :slight_smile:

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LOL. No, you didn’t. Your criteria changes and you’re very specific about each one. Not very conducive to a group thing, like a board. What’s the problem now? :kissing_closed_eyes:

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I didn’t get what I intended out of it.

It’s because I post from work which is complicated so I only have energy to think the work part through well

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I think you did alright explaining. But I’m confused why you didn’t get anything out it. Maybe peeps went out of bounds a bit, but you got a bunch of places to get a slice of cake.:kissing_heart:

That’s not what I wanted. I already know so many places and finding more isn’t difficult. I really wanted a best personal 3 type of a distillation

You got that too.


Sweet Lady Jane - Triple Berry Cake
King’s Hawaiian - Dobash Cake and Paradise Cake
SusieCakes - chocolate cake