Cake Stands

As a continuation from the November 2016 DoTM side discussion (from the LA board)…

Here’s America’s Test Kitchen’s previous winner (don’t know if the model number is right, but…):

Not sure if I want a cast-iron base, though, just given how easily it might rust in case it gets wet. The original price is ~$75, although not too horribly priced from

Here’s a new winner from a recent test:


Makes me think of that place that closed down on Abbott Kinney with hundreds of beautiful cake stands! It always felt soo random!


May I add that if memory serves me correctly, I’ve never made a cake!

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Whoa! Now’s the time!

I’m thinking of making this for a holiday party:


Oh yes, and the rubber chickens in a bin outside, @aaqjr! They did have some gems in there, but I thought if there was a mild earthquake while I was browsing, I’d be a goner.

@catholiver I rarely make cakes, but I’ve always had great success with this one - just in case you want to give it a go:

The Winco cake stand seems like it’s the winner to me, @paranoidgarliclover. The cast iron seems like it’d be too cumbersome.

All those milk glass cake stands are gorgeous, @TheCookie. I also have my eye in this one too:

Great. I love Food52. I gave my cousin a holiday gift card last year.

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Wow, you’re a thoughtful gift-giver, @TheCookie!

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