California SOUL - The Delightful Comfort Food of Alta Adams - Grand Opening [Thoughts + Pics]



Toto or no Toto?

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I didn’t look. I’m sorry I have failed you. :cry: Forgive me.

But @Ns1 I think you might like this place, if nothing else, for the amazing Oxtails & Rice (and if you like Black Eye Peas Fritters and Candied Yam Gratin and Red Beans & Rice). :wink:

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Ehhhhh I mean that’s great and all, but if I have to use a commoner’s toilet afterwards then I’m out. I don’t mess around with none of that Kohler bullshit.


If kale avocado salad isn’t hipster food, I guess I don’t know what hipster food is then.

And I LMAO’d when I saw the press pic of the collard green(s) and it was literally one collard green for $7.


Hi @tailbacku,

Actually that Collard Green Leaf was wrapping a TON of Collard Greens (Chopped) inside of it. Sorry I didn’t take a pic of the inside. It’s a lot of food.

Don’t equate this to APL’s ridiculous ripoff of @PorkyBelly with some raw Onions on a plate for $10.

Kale Salad? Yah that’s hamster food, but it’s also fresh local California farmers market food; nothing wrong with that as an option (and probably the only “hamster” dish on the menu, when 95% of it is delicious Soul Food).


Oh wow @Chowseeker1999 -

The presentation is good and the dishes are tweaked with just enough creativity to satisfy without losing what it’s all about. That Mac & Cheese shocked me, lol. The patio looks sweet too.

Good Seeking!


Glad to hear about the collard green dish. The pic on Eater didn’t do them any favors.


I would love to see your Top 10 Fried Chicken picks.

Hi @Ns1,

LOL. :grin: But I don’t think Ngu Binh has what you want either (it’s commoner). :stuck_out_tongue: I see you have your Cake Icon! Happy FTC anniversary. :slight_smile:

Hi @TheCookie,

Yes, nice presentation (nothing too fancy-looking) (but yah the Mac & Cheese is surprising!) :sweat_smile:

Are you a fan of Stewed Oxtails & Rice (or Red Beans & Rice)? If so, definitely check out Chef Corbin’s versions, and the Candied Yams (and Black Eye Pea Fritters). :wink:

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Not a Toto…


Thanks, I’m out.


I am now! :grin: It looks sinful. I’ve only had Jamaican Oxtail Stew with Caribbean spices. I think it has soy too, but it’s spicy. I :heart: Rice & Gravy.

Yes! It’s the only thing I get at Roscoe’s on Pico now, that and Black Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day (for good luck) if I’m too lazy or hung to make them, lol.

…and those yams look :kissing_closed_eyes:.


I wonder how long it’ll take before somebody realizes their website is wrong

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LMAO! Cant wait to go! :smile:

I don’t consider myself a hipster, but I actually really like kale and LOVE avocado. If the chef can infuse some southern soul into that, then more power to him, IMHO (and I’m certainly willing to try it).


I don’t get why avocado is considered hipster. I’ve been eating it, on toast no less, since I was a child growing up in Sri Lanka.


To me the crazy part is not eating avocado, it’s paying astonishing amounts of money for “avocado toast”. I’ve been enjoying avocado all my life. I can smash some on a piece of whole grain bread and add olive oil, lemon juice, toasted sesame seeds or whatever for very little money. “Avocado toast” in a restaurant costs over $10.00 sometimes over $20.00.


avocados, not hipster. charging $20 for avocado toast, hipster.