Camp Pho, Venice

Camp Pho recently opened in the former Tasty Goody space on Lincoln and Vernon (same strip mall as Mon Petit Poulet). The young couple behind this pho eatery are the son and daughter-in-law of the Vietnamese couple who opened and operated Tasty Goody. They are both super nice and contemporary on one hand, but also have honor and respect for family and tradition. And like their immigrant roots, they have strong backs. The wife manages and help out in front. The husband operates the kitchen.

Working diligently along with his parents, the son was familiar with the neighborhood and surrounding area. Being that this general area lacks any serious attempts at pho, I think the son saw an opportunity to offer something legit. The wife indictated that they were disappointed with the watery versions around town that lacked the depth full flavors that one would expect from more traditional versions. The recipe behind the pho broth originates from their family’s recipe. This broth is the product of a two-day process.

I don’t eat pho often - soupy things aren’t in my top five list. But the flavor of their version does deliver on depth and nuance. Truly enjoying the broth, I left nothing in the bowl. My only complaint was that some of the noodles were stuck together. Otherwise, this was a very comforting bowl of soup noodles on a cool night.

Camp Pho has a hip vibe. The interior is a lot of wood and the soundtrack is trendy, upbeat and loud. It is in keeping with the new iteration of this once rough-on-the edges neighborhood - something the parents knew all too well. Upon seeing the place, one’s first impression might be, “Eh - just another pho joint slingin’ dishwater pho to unknowing hipsters.” But look beyond that, give the pho a try and then decide.

Camp Pho
Open 1700-2200 daily
715 Lincoln Blvd
Venice, CA 90291


Camp pho was excellent! Great broth, and really really great brisket. Didn’t get to try the crab egg rolls but will be back soon.
Thanks @bulavinaka

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Thanks Bobby for turning me on to this place. Bob’s already got my feedback, but I figure I’d share. I tried the special “Secret Breakfast” pho ($17), which is like a super combo with all the standards from a dac biet pho (rare, brisket, meatball, tripe, no tendons though), plus basa fish, a piece of fried shrimp paste, and a sous vide egg.

As my IG caption said, I was a bit under the weather, so this really helped clear my head and made me feel better. The broth was a bit murky, which I didn’t mind, but those who’re expecting a clarified broth may not like as much. The beef was great (a bit skimpy on the tripe, and again no tendon), the fish was decent, the shrimp paste was great texturally and flavorwise, but very salty. Really, the entire dish was just a bit on the salty side, and that’s even with my somewhat deadened senses (from being sick).

As probably the closest pho restaurant to where I live, I will definitely give them another try and hope they cut back on the salt a little. Overall, seems a bit less refined than Viet Noodle Bar, not quite as well executed as Phorage or Nong La, worlds better than Blossom, but I’m happy for another decent pho option on the Westside.

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I wanna like this place. Dude is a good guy. But ultimately a pho joint that exists so that a pr girl for a tech firm can painstakingly customize her vegan pho is just not gonna be MY pho joint.

And that broth is just too beefy.

It might be too beefy for you but I really loved the beefiness. The brisket was the best quality I have ever had in a pho (not that I am an expert, having never been to Viet Nam).

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I think the best pho broth is super beefy with just the right hint of spices and aromatics. It’s usually someone’s interpretation of the spice mixture that kills it for me…I once had pho in Burbank that was gross because all I could taste was star anise and cinnamon. I shudder at the memory of it.

Could this be a Northern Pho specialist? I see Filet Mignon, beefy broth, square shape crab egg rolls…are the noodles thicker? Is their black pepper on the table?

Don’t remember black pepper on the table, but doesn’t mean there wasn’t. Noodles seemed “standard” or maybe even narrower to me.

if you want high quality beef brisket in your pho, you sure won’t find it in vietnam.


I see you too have been to Feu Pho Kitchen.

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Made that mistake once. Did not repeat.