Camper - Menlo Park downtown

We had a rather excellent meal at Camper in Menlo Park a few weeks ago. I am usually cooked out by Friday and it’s good to get out of the house and have someone more competent than me take over the cooking, service and cleanup :slight_smile:

We chose to order some of the appetizers and make a meal of these.

  1. Butternut squash soup
  2. Shishito peppers with honey vinaigrette
  3. Mixed greens salad with bulgur and a superb aioli-like dressing
  4. Corn bread with jalapeno butter
  5. Shoestring fries - perfect texture and shape with spicy light mayo and home made ketchup

The wife ordered fresh lime soda and I had a hard cider with the meal.

Every thing we ate was superb. Texture, layering of flavor, presentation was top notch. All the dishes were thought through and presented with care. Service was great in terms of timing and demeanor. We’ve been back once after this visit, and Camper is on the dining out rotation for sure.

I heartily recommend this place if you haven’t been yet.