Can default home page view be forums, not individual threads?


Robert, I have a question. Is there a way to change the home page to one that lists the different forums? It currently shows all the threads, which I (and I think others might) find a bit counter-intuitive.

Otherwise, I think this is working out quite nicely…


I haven’t found a way to default the home page to the forum list myself, but you can click on “Categories” at the top which is just an extra click. There’s something communal about seeing all posts albeit will most likely become overwhelming if/when others beyond LA hounds join. But as of this moment, this is much improved on desktop and mobile, especially on my crappy laggy old iPhone. :sunglasses:


You can use this URL:

I’ll see if I can make that the default, that makes sense to me.


Done. Thanks for the suggestion.

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