Can I "preserve" / dry fresh morels?

I found morels at Costco today (Reno) and bought a pound…for a paltry $18/#. I bought a pound and will love every bite. But is there anything I can do to them for later eating? Low/slow baking? Freezing? Cooking and freezing? Any ideas and techniques will be greatly appreciated. It’s killing me to think that I can’t buy LOTS more of them :slight_smile:

This says you can freeze them.

You remain one of my food-heroes!!! I’m going back and buying a ridiculous amount of them. Thanks, ipse.

If you’re up to it, post some pictures of the dishes you make with them.

My first batch which doesn’t include photos - I will going forward - were slice in half, gentled sauteed in butter, s&0. Wonderful.

Oh yum!

I think morels go wonderful with eggs.

Scrambled, in an omelet, fried, quiche, or even (sliced in halves) as the “biscuit” in an eggs benedict.

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ipse cooks!

I agree. The simpler the better. Just enhance their ‘glorious-ness’ :slight_smile:

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I’d be more than happy to discuss cooking, home or otherwise, especially if there is enough of an audience at FTC for it.

I probably learned how to devein shrimp before I learned how to ride a bicycle.

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I just started participating and I love to cook. I’d suggest starting threads on a particular subject or recipe and asking for advice. I’ve learned so much that way.

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Yup, you and I both, esp. from our Chowhound days.

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You too? I thought you knew it all…always :slight_smile: Seriously my becoming a ‘decent’ cook is because of CH. And I want to continue.

Awesome. My mom let me in the kitchen at a young age too.

I know. We talk about lack of a Home Cooking presence but :unamused:. I guess we should try to respond to posts like @catholiver 's more often.

I just arrived here and cook more than I eat out so I’ll be sharing things. But eating out is great!

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Well, my mom kept me in the kitchen. Our restaurant kitchen.

Doing all sorts of wonderful things instead out and about playing baseball or Pac-Man, like skinning broccoli stalks, making and rolling out dumpling wrappers, making hand-pulled noodles, and of course the aforementioned shrimp (and cleaning them), among many other menial tasks.

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Whereas I had NO experience in the kitchen growing up.

Morels are also a nice addition to spaghetti carbonara - either you reduce the amount of gunaciale or completely substitute gunaciale/pancetta with morels

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Freezing will keep the distinctive flavor. You might make duxelles and freeze that. If you don’t have a FoodSaver, Costco had a starter kit for under $100 recently.

You can dry them, but the flavor is quite different and to me not as interesting.


Sounds delicious, but if there’s no fatty pork, don’t call it carbonara. And you’d need some clarified butter or rice-bran oil or something.