Can I "preserve" / dry fresh morels?


So I bet you can really tell the difference between hand-made and factory. Also when it’s done correctly.


I agree that complete substitution would alter the character of spaghetti carbonara quite a lot and a mix of guanciale and morels would be best.


My FoodSaver is one of my best friends :slight_smile: And that’s what I’m going to do. Today. Buy a whole bunch. Would you leave them whole?

As far as the side talk about how to use them, I never do anything other than slice in half, saute’ in butter with s&p. I think they are a perfect food.

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Went back and bought 2-1/2 more #s!!!

I feel very rich!


Yeah, it’s an awesome deal. Oddly enough, many (employees and customers) people were asking me what they were… as I made my way through the store.


I was talking them up quite a bit :slight_smile: FoodSaver’d my first # just now.


Just an fyi. I FS’d them today and found a little white worm in one. Didn’t freak me out but I’ll return that pack. That particular mushroom also had a super soft texture.


My friend gave me a bunch of dried morels he picked up north. I rehydrated them in some water for 8-10 hours but the morels ended up tasting like nothing while the water sucked out all the flavor. The 2nd time I cooked them I soaked them in water for a very brief period of time ~10 minutes but they still didn’t taste like morels I’ve had when fresh. Better but not the same great flavor.

Any ideas on what I can do with dried morels that will keep the flavor intact?


Dunno. Maybe freeze instead?


The ones I FS’d were fine in flavor. They exuded an ENORMOUS amount of liquid (drained on paper towels) but tasted fine.

BTW the ‘season’ seems a little late this year. Got some really nice ones in SF a few days ago.


It’s best to saute them first and then freeze.


I’d forgotten about this thread. I have a few left and I think with eggs sounds super. Thanks as usual.