Can we make a rule

Can we please make an effort to remember to say where a place is when posting about a restaurant? Not being snarky just asking.


I SO agree. An example:
(from my own perspective)
Seattle: Etc.
SF: The East Bay, The Mission, etc.

i submit that consideration should be context based; if you mention philippe’s, an out-of-towner checking out the board could ask or just google it themselves. a thread dedicated to a review of a place that would ostensibly result in others wanting to try the place, an address would show consideration for them. OTOH, some places do over time close and/or occasionally relocate (most recent example: shanghai-ese restaurant wang jia) and it’s not a reasonable expectation that some one is going to police older threads and make the appropriate annotations, so it would still behoove anyone on the board to address and hours of operation before leaving the house.

having said that, i’m not a fan of writing to the lowest common denominator. anything i post here is directed to an audience that has certain level of experience/enthusiasm about food in LA (or elsewhere) and understands that there may a lingo or vernacular r shorthand those of us similarly interested may use. i very recently posted about how a new restaurant is actually related to an existing place in monterey park and someone asked for clarification on that. i didn’t expect that, but i had no problem responding to that. i understand that most folks don’t share my level of interest in chinese regional cuisine.

i guess the point is once you create a rule, it begets other rules which could end up curtailing info; if you’re new to shanghai or taiwanese cuisine, the abbreviation XLB will probably confuse you. so you ask (or if you’re afraid of coming across as a noob, you google the term). or we start that thread of abbreviated terms. i’m all for consideration, but i’m not into a pound of prevention for an ounce of cure.

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Not sure this needs to be more complicated than adding the city and a more specific location in case of larger cities. It’s pretty much like naming the location of a Costco or a Trader Joe’s since what they carry can vary so much by location.

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ok. but that makes it context driven the way i see it. and if a single poster routinely gets requests.for addresses. or multiple comments along the lines “i’ like to know that as well”, then they should take the hint. i still find it less time consuming to google addresses/terms myself.

I don’t know if it needs to be a rule, but I do think say, a quarterly reminder for people to write the name of the restaurant (b/c sometimes owners can get very creative w/ the name of a restaurant) and general location (“West LA,” “San Gabriel Valley,” “DTLA,” etc) in the review.

In LA, at least, they should be sufficient for anyone to find the specific location pretty easily.

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All boards like this have the same issue. I find it really easy, too, to just Google or search Yelp for the restaurant if I have a city name. But I’m not doing that if it’s hundreds or thousands of miles away, in a place I’ll never go. It’ just seems like common thoughtfulness to name the location if it’s not already apparent in the conversation. Not everyone seems to get that these boards aren’t private conversations.


i don’t think we disagree. what i didn’t make clear is that when you have rules, way too often, a member of the perpetually indignant appoints themselves sheriff of enforcement in a way that removes much of the joy of the activity. i think it should be enough to suggest that it’s customary to include an address. rather than to say that traditionally addresses should be included. customs are motivated by kindness, while traditions/requirements usually are not. if anything, they’re usually meant to be exclusive.


Don’t we have enough rules?

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